Do The Best PPC Courses Actually Help You In Learning Digital Marketing?

If you are here because you need help choosing the best PPC courses, fasten your seatbelts. Why? We will take a flight across PPCLand, and the captain has switched on the ‘Fasten Seatbelt’ Sign.

PPC is not an easy thing to mastera statement we abide by. 

The biggest problem when it comes to Pay Per Click advertising is—you have no control over what advertisement is being seen by whom. 

In the broadest aspect, the lack of control applies to SEO too. However, the job has a result once the content ranks. On the contrary, the same cannot be said for PPC Ads. Once the advertisement shows up, the click ratio depends on the user’s motive and the ad copy. (and much more) 

In simpler terms—The Click happens only when the user’s motive, and the Ad copy match. However, how do you become a master of advertisement copies and generate the highest return on ad spends? You choose the best PPC courses

There are a lot of PPC Courses that claim to be the best, yet your learning remains questionable at best. So, that begs the question, which is the best PPC Course for YOU?  

Is your learning the same as the clickthrough rate? Or, is it the same as your bounce rates? 

What is PPC? 

It all begins with a search query. We define keywords by basing the keywords on that query(that is relevant to you or your business). If you haven’t understood what we are talking about, read on. The best PPC courses play an important role here. 

Your clickthrough rate is a measure, but what the heck is “Click Through Rate” or “Bounce Rate”? To understand this, you need a working knowledge of what PPC is. If you have an idea about what the best PPC courses are, you should know that PPC stands for Pay Per Click Advertising. (That means exactly what the words mean) 

Simply put, you pay for each click.

You run an advertising campaign on a digital network, and you have to pay for each click. 

Above is an overview of what PPC is. However, when we talk about PPC, we are mostly referring to Search Engine Advertising. To explain, Search Engine Advertising is basically running your advertisements to show up on a search engine. You choose keywords based on the most popular search queries, and voila! You are ready to write an ad copy.

Please note that search engine advertising is the most popular form of advertising, but there is more to it than Search Engine Advertising. It can include Social Media Advertising and other Ad Networks like:

  • YouTube Ads
  • Microsoft Ad Network
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Snapchat Ads
  • Pinterest Ads

Is PPC Free? How Do The Best PPC Courses Matter?

No, PPC is not free by any margin, but it can be learned for free.

However, that learning is not recommended by us. 

You choose a keyword that you want to rank for, and from then onwards you continue by creating an advertisement copy. Once you are done creating a copy, you continue with creating a bid. A bid that will outbid your competitors.

In the simplest of terms, an auction is held, and your budget for each click stands to compete with other bids. This is where the best PPC courses come in. Want to know more? Keep reading.  

Which Is Better PPC or SEO?

No comparisons should be made between Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization. Why? While you may argue the purpose is the same, the goal for PPC is to drive conversions. While SEO is mostly done to drive traffic. Sounds complex? It really isn’t. 

If you study the best PPC courses, you will have figured out that PPC is done to maximize the output of an advertisement campaign. Your goal is not to generate traffic, but rather to drive sales. On the other hand, SEO is done to build Site Authority, drive traffic to a particular website. 

PPC is completely paid while SEO is completely organic in nature

That is the main key difference between PPC and SEO. The underlying motive is where all the difference is made. The goal for PPC is profit, and generating a return on ad spend(ROAS).

If you are looking to drive traffic organically, SEO is better for you. While PPC is something that will be better for you on a short-term basis, in terms of driving sales. Understanding how PPC and SEO are interlinked requires the best PPC courses.

How Do The Best PPC Courses Fit Into PPC? Is PPC Training Required?

The best PPC courses fit into PPC because a huge portion of PPC is just Google Ads, and getting certified in it may be relatively easier than running an actual advertising campaign. You can drive sales only when your advertisement ranks. 

To get your Advertisement to rank, you need an Ad Rank. 

Ad Rank is basically: Quality Score * Maximum Bid

What’s the Quality Score? To understand that, you should understand that Quality Score is determined by a variety of factors like:

  • Keyword Relevance 
  • Landing Page Quality in terms of User Experience & User In 
  • Creative Quality or Ad Copy Quality
  • Extension Quality

However, these are all factors that require mastery in different aspects. While some of you may have no idea about what the factors mentioned above are, we can assure you that enough information can be found at SEJ’s PPC Guide

Fair Warning: Reading the PPC 101 Guide will lead you to valued information, but without hands-on PPC training, the information will remain useless.

To conclude, there is no shortage of information when it comes to PPC and its nuances. However, there is no clear information on what happens when you actually run an ad. This is why you need PPC Training. 

The best PPC courses from a PPC Training Institute will give you information on what a PPC Ad Campaign requires. However, is it enough? 

How Do Bounce Rates Lead To Finding The Best PPC Courses with Digital Marketing Training Institutes?

If your ad campaign is showing high bounce rates, this means you are running your ad wrong. This means you need more information on how PPC works. However, it isn’t enough to have information on how PPC works. You need end to end information on how PPC Links to other facets of digital marketing. 

The best PPC Courses are often found in digital marketing courses as—PPC is not exclusive of elements like Conversion Tracking, Keyword Research and Conversion Rate Optimization.

This leads to the next question: Can you learn Digital Marketing with the best PPC courses?  

Can you learn Digital Marketing with the best PPC Courses?

The one-word answer is: NO! Digital Marketing is rather an extremely large thing to learn and has multiple modules. Yet we can say that you can learn PPC with the best digital marketing courses. So, are you looking for a course that has the learnings of the best PPC Courses

Go no further, for we have the best digital marketing diploma course with 3 Months of Paid Internship and 100% Job Assurance. 


1. Is PPC easy to learn?

Yes and no. To Train or Not to Train, that is the question. If there is training, it’s easy, and if there isn’t any hands-on training then it’s not.

2. Where Can I Learn PPC?

You can learn PPC anywhere. (from best PPC courses too) To illustrate, there is no shortage of materials on the internet. There are a ton of free resources to read on. The best idea is to learn PPC from a PPC Training Institute as there are nuances and mistakes that you may be missing out on.  

3. Can I Do PPC myself?

Yes, you can do PPC by yourself. However, it’s a solid idea to learn what PPC is first. It’s even better if you certify yourself with the best PPC courses out there. However, getting hands-on practical training will stop you from making mistakes that will cost you money. 

4. How Do I Get PPC Certified? Do The Best PPC Courses Help?

There are a lot of certifications that you can get started on. The best certification is of course Google’s Ad Words Certification. The best PPC Courses should help you get that certification, and more. You can watch videos and take a test. That is it when it comes to getting certified, but matching your learning with practical is required. 

Debrup Ganguly
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