What Can Moneyball Teach Us About A PPC Training Institute?

A film like Moneyball and a PPC Training Institute have no business being together. Yet here we are, and much like the groundbreaking accounting software, Pay Per Click Advertising is taking the world by storm. You are absolutely on point if you think that we are going to talk about how Bradd Pitt’s character used software to get the ultimate advantage in baseball. 

However, if you think we are here to talk about baseball, keep reading. Since you are searching for a PPC Training Institute, we assume that you are looking for information on what PPC is. 

Although, PPC is more than just Google Ads. PPC is all about accuracy, strategy, and baseball.

If you have an inkling about baseball, you will know that PPC is more about covering bases and a bit about home runs.  For you cricket lovers, this translates to having your wicket covered and hitting sixers. On average, PPC training institutes prepare you for handling the highs and lows of digital advertising and more. Although the more part plays in more. 

PPC is not a standalone technique. In simple terms, learning digital marketing is a must to truly master PPC. 

In case you haven’t seen the film, keep reading. We will tell you what you need to know about Moneyball and why on earth it is relevant to PPC training institutes. However, for those of you that have seen Moneyball, please keep reading!


PPC Training Institute— More than PPC Courses & Sabermetrics

Digital Marketing Training is what you don’t see. Sounds confusing? Well, let us break it down for you. What you see is an advertisement, but the work that goes into it is unseen. For example, there are about five steps before you start a PPC Campaign! Like Billy Beane in Moneyball, you must choose your players by a mechanism based on performance. 

Five Stages of Starting a PPC Campaign— The Billy Beane Edition

There are several stages to starting a PPC campaign and we will tell you how a PPC training institute ties into Moneyball the film. However, a back story is required. Thus, here we go. 

Moneyball: A Backstory

Billy Beane, the famous general manager of Oakland Athletics once took the hardest choice possible. He relied completely on software to make decisions. Decisions regarding what? It’s simple really. He took all player transactions (choosing who will play) to the mercy of Sabermetrics. Sabermetrics was developed by Peter Brand, and this software took into account the in-game statistics. In simpler terms, this software could tell which player was the best to choose, and it was all based on statistics. 

Moneyball is set in the background of 2001. This was a time when people did not even think about Software predicting such outcomes. Ultimately, it did work out for Peter Brand and Billy Beane. Sabermetrics is now the global standard for baseball. 

Using data correctly led to the success of the Moneyball duo, and that is the first lesson to be learnt. 

Catching Up to 2022 with a PPC Training Institute

However, this is 2021, and we are onto 2022. A lot has changed since then, and it is the age of AI. Artificial intelligence has worked its way into almost all major sectors. PPC is also a part of that sector. In fact, Google itself is powered by AI. In the age of big data, PPC seems like a small challenge to solve. (and it is) However, a PPC Training Institute exists for making you start a PPC Campaign and run it successfully. 

The general outline of a PPC campaign follows the five steps outlined below:

Selecting the Perfect Keywords for the Perfect Campaign

The perfect keyword campaign starts at SEO and ends at the hands of a content marketer. The best keywords are chosen by PPC Experts. Yet choosing the right keywords means choosing the wrong keywords too. Can’t understand? Remember Negative Keywords? 

Oh, wait! You are here for that. That is why you need a PPC Training Institute. While the technical definition of negative keywords is easy to understand, the right strategy is not discovered or invented. The perfect keyword strategy is in the research and understanding intent. Whether it is about SEO or PPC. This remains universal. Negative keywords will work as long as you know where you don’t want to end up.

For example, you don’t want to show your ads with the keyword PPC Training Institute for people searching for PPC Tools. 

Exact matching and broad matching are aspects that play an important part too. Perfect keyword research is half the battle won, and having the right training here matters. 

Selecting the Channel of Distribution

If you think Google Ads are the only medium for PPC, then rethink. There are more digital advertisement networks than we can think of. That includes platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others! PPC is literally paying for every click. Likewise, these platforms are set up to make you pay for clicks.

Targeting channels means selecting the right paid social/search media channels. As we mentioned, they can include everything from Google Display Ads to social media advertising.

Choosing the right channel is extremely important. Why? Because the channel will determine everything including:

  • Ad Campaigns
  • Ad Groups
  • Message and Medium of the Ad
  • Landing Pages
  • Budgets

Again the need for a PPC training institute is evident here. Especially since there is no way to tell which channel should be chosen. 

Selecting a Budget 

This is a strategy that has to do with the proper keyword research and continuous fine-tuning from ad performance. However, it is important to set a budget first. Although, the idea is to first set the goal. Setting Goals can include everything including: 

  • Increasing the total volume of sales  
  • Generating bountiful leads
  • Generating brand awareness

The net should be cast far and wide and see what sticks best. The next step is literally weeding out low performers. Although, at every step, we see a tendency towards accuracy. It is important to keep in mind that every step has monetary value. Getting it wrong will cost you. Again the data-driven insights will never be available to a fresher or a newbie in PPC. That is why you need a PPC Training Institute

Automating Ad Spend Campaigns with a Touch of Manual

This step is the most important step when it comes to ad spending. Since you have set a budget, it can be assumed that you are ready to run your campaign. Most platforms are optimized to maximize their own earning. In most cases, the campaigns are skewed towards generating clicks. In plain terms, you lose money left and right. 

Thus, it is important to understand why and how ad campaigns are run. To gain an understanding of that, you will need to get PPC Training from a PPC Training Institute. However, the gist is— winning ad auctions are important, but working on your quality is even more important. 

As the tale goes, the need to rank first has not lessened. PPC or SEO, it’s all about getting seen first. This is why we insist on PPC Training Institutes, as they ensure that your strategy is exactly as you intend it to be. 

Calculating KPI(s) and Optimizing for Conversions

This is a step where you use the data from your existing and current campaigns to predict PPC conversion rates. Here you set metrics such as:

  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Cost Per Mille
  • Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Average Deal Size
  • Product Margins

Here you look at what you have done and measure each campaign and keyword for effectiveness. The goal is to maximize your return on investment. It includes A/B or split testing. It’s mapping out your ad spend against the returns you get. In this step, you visualize where your customers are losing out on the value you bring.

PPC Training is all about bringing together all the steps. None of these steps works independently or in a sequence. These steps don’t follow exactly the same sequence. Finding out what works requires a PPC Course from a PPC Training Institute. Although what is a PPC Training Institute?

Would Peter Brand Prefer a Digital Marketing Training Institute Over A PPC Training Institute?

All Digital Marketing Training Institutes are PPC Training Institutes. Yet, all PPC Training Institutes are not Digital Marketing Training Institutes. 

The takeaway from these 5 Steps is that every step is data-driven, and each step needs care. The core requirements are all-around learning and a data-based approach. A core understanding of what PPC is required, but what’s more important is SEO. Yes, you heard that right. SEO is incredibly important when it comes to PPC. Why?

Solely because of the difference. SEO has some 200 ranking factors whereas PPC only has two factors. A PPC Training Institute may teach you how to make mad ads. Yet, what remains to be learnt is the exact methodology. For example, it is up to a PPC Specialist to determine what strategy is right for whom. An e-commerce website would want to maximize sales whereas, an art studio would look for awareness and lead generation as goals. 

The greatest learning is that you need data to act on and a sheer determined initiative to win it in PPC. This is what Moneyball teaches us.

A PPC Training Institute will help you, but a Digital Marketing Training Institute will give you:

  • Holistic Learning 
  • Complete Information on the Buyer Journey

In the end, you are made into a Specialist. If you are looking for specialization, go no further, for we have a solution for you!

So, to end, yes! Peter Brand would agree that data rules! The path to Digital Success starts at a Digital Marketing Training Institute. 

Looking for the best digital marketing training institute to start your career and learning? Get started with a 100% Job Assurance and 3 Months of Paid Internship!


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