Do You Need The Best Digital Marketing Certification To Make As A Professional In 2022?

“It was the best of learning, it was the worst of learning, it was the age of best digital marketing certification, it was the age of learning”

–Charles, the Digital Marketer, A Tale of Two Worlds


It should come as no surprise that the world of Digital Marketing is advancing at speeds that cannot be measured. As a result, this sets a complicated question in motion. That question is— Are Digital Marketing Certificates enough in 2022? As we write this article, in 2021, we can already guess the answer. The answer is, unfortunately, a resounding ‘No’! However, we will answer that later.

7 Preferred and Accepted Best Digital Marketing Certifications | The Making of a Dynamite Marketing Professional

‘Which certification is best for digital marketing?’ is a question we have been asked, time over time. Quite frankly, there is not a single professional certificate in digital marketing; for proving that an individual is a complete Digital Marketer. On the other hand, it is a cluster of best digital marketing certifications. In this article, we measure and describe the certificates you will need to make it as a Dynamite Professional in 2022:

Google Ads Certifications

Google runs the digital world when it comes to digital marketing. Thus it is apparent that mastery of the Google Ads tool is essential. In this digital world of advertising, Google’s Ad tool is the most user-friendly powerful tool. That is a statement all marketers will agree on.

The impact of placing an advertisement in the right place and at the right time can be a make or break deal for your business. It is one of the most scalable tools to exist. For both entrepreneurs and hardcore professionals, Google AdWords is a tool of the highest relevance for driving a range of campaigns.

From gaining awareness to boosting ROI, Google Ads is a tool all marketers swear by. Thus getting Certified in Google Ads is extremely important. However, it must be kept in mind that Google Ads Certification is itself, a range of 5 (Five) best digital marketing certifications that include:

✔️ Search Advertising

✔️ Video Advertising

✔️ Mobile Advertising

✔️ App Advertising

✔️ Shopping Advertising  

Google Analytics Certifications (Individual Qualification)

This is the best free tool for most marketers to monitor how their marketing efforts affect their marketing campaigns. Like Google Ads, it is a scalable tool for people ranging from bloggers to e-commerce moguls. Again this is a tool that can include beginners and advanced users. 

From measuring ROI to Sales, Conversions and Bounce rates, Google Analytics is the best tool to do it all. The best part of Google Analytics is that it has built-in Deep Learning Modules paired with AI. This results in the need for getting certified as an Individual for Google Analytics. 

The best way to gain this certification is to gain hands-on experience with a website you own. Further, Analytics has a built-in module for tracking Google Ads Performance and accordingly adjusting budgets. 

Hubspot Certifications

HubSpot, like the tool itself, has a range of marketing certifications. As a result, a holder of these three certifications is indeed a master of the universe of digital marketing. Combining Content Marketing with Inbound Marketing makes a barrel full of explosive marketing powder. 

However, the fuse for the Marketing Dynamite is Email Marketing. Thus, the three most important certifications are:

HubSpot Email Marketing Certification

This is among the best digital marketing certifications that will act as proof of your knowledge in Email Marketing. Emails are said to be the single most powerful force in driving conversions. It is through emails that the doorway to consumer marketer communication is kept open.

 It is also one of the most important tools in understanding and optimizing Conversion Rates. In technical terms, Email Marketing is a part of Conversion Rate Optimization. Apart from the fundamentals of email marketing, this certificate tests your strategizing skills. Your open rates and your conversion rates will decide how valuable your campaigns are from the marketing viewpoint.

Ultimately your Email Strategy will dictate how your emails interact with your recipients. Thus it remains among the most demanded skills in the world of digital marketing. Thus this remains among the best digital marketing certifications.

HubSpot Inbound Certifications

This is also one of the best digital marketing certifications. It certifies that you are a master of the best practices of Inbound Marketing. Simultaneously, it also proves that you know the methods of bringing visitors to your website; and engaging them on the buying cycle. Moreover, the ultimate goal goals are to generate and convert leads. The name inbound suggests that this is a Strategy for ‘Pulling’ Potential Customers. 

Ultimately, this is an all-around best digital marketing certification that educates marketers on the best ways to bring value to people. This, in turn, generates a pull effect on consumers of the said value. Thus a strategy is initiated where the consumer starts the conversation. 

This lead or potential consumer is not generated by pushing but by pulling. Thus, this strategy naturally covers every aspect of the marketing cycle including, SEO, SMM, PPC, Email, and much more. As a result, this certification is extremely essential.  

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

Content Marketing is interwoven with almost every strategy of Marketing. This happens because, without a strategy for content, every marketing effort falls flat. Thus, finding a voice and developing it for the audience is extremely essential. 

As a result, this certification proves you are aware of the value proposition of storytelling and how content creation needs a tested framework. Content creation follows varied techniques over multiple platforms. For example, blogs are written with an intent that is utterly different from Ad Copies. 

Content Marketing is an essential part of inbound marketing but is not included as one. This happens solely due to the varying amounts of expertise required. Thus remains the second-best digital marketing certification you might need 

SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course

As the name suggests, SEMRush’s is among the best digital marketing certifications. It proves that a person is a master of Search Engine Optimization. SEMRush is one of the best platforms for measuring website weaknesses, keyword optimization and much much more. There are a lot of SEO Certifications, but this is easily the best solution and certification for SEO.

SEO itself is a tool that takes time and technical precision. SEMRush is a tool that points out those weaknesses. Anyone with a bit of knowledge of SEO will be aware of the fact that SEO itself relies on over 200 Unique Algorithm Factors. Google changes the ranking factors almost every other day, and SEMRush updates accordingly. 

 SEMRush’s SEO Toolkit is the one you need for SEO Certification. This is the best digital marketing certification for SEO! 

Facebook Blueprint Certifications

Other than Google Ads, the second-largest advertising platform is the Facebook Company(Meta). Facebook solely has over 2.8 Billion active users. If you are a marketing professional, you will find large amounts of value and opportunities from a userbase as large as that of Facebook. 

Thus, showing the right advertisement to the right audience is the key to making it a Successful Marketing Campaign. A Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional stands for ultimate level expertise in all of Facebook(Meta) Platforms. Additionally, this includes installing Facebook Pixel, Optimizing Ads for the Right Audience, and managing Pages.

Having this is the best digital marketing certification that immediately sets you a league apart from the range of Curriculum Vitaes. However, it must be kept in mind that Facebook’s Blueprint Certifications are hugely necessary because of the number of platforms under the umbrella. Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp are all subsidiaries of Facebook(Meta).

What Is The Best Digital Marketing Certification Highly Valued By Companies?

We said earlier that there is no such thing as best digital marketing certifications 2021. However, there is such a thing. Although, you need to understand the situation of the digital marketing universe in 2021. Digital Marketing, in essence, is getting found online. 

Unfortunately, it is a lot more than that. The Market in Marketing is hugely saturated with multiple options. Chances are that you might already have thousands of competitors if you are just getting started with a project or service. Now, how does this relate to you as a candidate and companies as recruiters?

We answer this question through two highly asked questions:

  • Are Online Digital Marketing Certificates Worth It?

Yes and no! They are worth it, provided you can successfully execute your capabilities the certificates certify you on. In simple words, if you can do what your certificates say you can do, then they are worth it. Also, they are not worth it if you cannot find your grip on what the certificates teach.

  • Which Digital Marketing Certifications Are Considered To Be Best And Preferred On The CV?

All of the above in a cluster are valued on your Curriculum Vitae. However, it must be matched with experience and expertise. That means the best digital marketing certification is training. You need hands-on training that leads to you in executing projects. 

Coming back to the question—How does Market Saturation relate to you as a candidate and companies as recruiters? Companies are on the lookout for people that get the job done and need results. Companies are result driven, and what you need to remember is that:

 What most people leave out is the fact that most recruiters will test your learning and, as a result, your certifications will get you in the interview room, but your skills will get you the job!

Which Is The Best Certification Course In Digital Marketing For 2022?

Thus, what you need in the best digital marketing certification are training and certifications. Additionally, you need experience and placement support. Therefore we have something of a checklist for you. If you want the best future-ready digital marketing certification online, you will need to check if the course offers:

✔️ 3 Months Paid Internship

✔️ Industry Experts as Faculty

✔️ Hands-On Training

✔️ Firsthand Classroom Practicals

✔️ Flexible Learning & Blended Learning

✔️ 30+ Digital Automation Tools

✔️ 100% Practical Training

✔️ Mock Interview Sessions

✔️ 22+ Years of Expertise

✔️100% Assurance of Placement

If you need a digital marketing course that has all of the above with the best digital marketing certifications from NSDC & Skill India, click here to know more!

Debrup Ganguly
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