Mastering the Basics of the Local Guide Program: A Step-by-Step Overview

The Local Guide program by Google is a platform that encourages individuals to share their local knowledge to enhance Google Maps. Local Guides contribute reviews, photos, answers to questions, and updated information about local places. By this Local Guides become good sources of information for users around the world.

In this article, you will get a complete overview of the Local Guide Program and its advantage. We will also explain How Businesses can take the help of Local Guides to improve their local Seo and online presence.

Understanding the Local Guide Program

The Local Guide Program was launched in 2015 that helps users to provide valuable content to improve Google Maps. Local Guides can earn points, badges, and levels based on their contributions, leading to early access to features and special events.

This community-driven initiative promotes knowledge sharing and helps improve the accuracy and relevance of local information.

How To Become Google Local Guide?

If you want to join the Local Guide Program, You can register easily. Create an account in Google and then go to the Google Local Guides website. After that fill in the information that has been asked during the registration. Congratulations! Your registration process is complete.
Google Local Guide Program Dashboard

Now you can start contributing to the Program. By writing reviews, uploading photos, answering questions, and adding or modifying information about local places you have visited. Regular contributions earn points, helping them level up and unlock additional perks and benefits.

Google Local Guide Setup Tutorial PDF Download Link:Image to download PDF for Local Guide Program

Points Earned for Contributing to Google Maps:

  1. Write a review – 10 points
  2. Write a review of 200 characters or more – 20 points
  3. Rate the company – 1 point
  4. Upload a photo – 5 points
  5. Highlight photo – 3 points
  6. Upload video – 7 points
  7. Answer questions and answers – 3 points
  8. Editing information – 5 points
  9. Add location – 15 points
  10. Add road – 15 points
  11. Fact-checking – 1 point
  12. Publish eligible listings – 10 points
  13. Write a description (on a list) – 5 point

Know more about the Local Guide rewards and points policy.

Points and Badges Of Local SEO Guide Program

Level 3 Points and Badges of Local Guide Program

Why did anyone want to become a Google Local Guide?

If you also have the same question. Then just keep reading to know Google local guide benefits for those who registered themselves for Local Guide Program

Being a Google Local Guide comes with several advantages:

  1. Recognition: Local Guides earn a badge that increases their visibility within the Google Maps community, showcasing their expertise and contributions.
  2. Early Access: Local Guides can use the new features and updates by Google before it is introduced to everyone. Thus it helps them to share the reviews and feedback on the new features with the public.
  3. Rewards: Depending on their level, Local Guides can receive different benefits. For example additional Google Drive storage, discounts on Google products, and special promotions.
  4. Community Participation: Local Guides can connect with other guides through forums and meetings. This provides a platform for learning, sharing tips, and building relationships.

It’s interesting na! Yes just register yourself in the local guide program in a few simple steps. Then you can enjoy the benefits of google local guide

When you start working as a local guide you can earn points. Check below to know how much you can earn at each level with benefits and requirements to level up yourself.

Google Guide Levels: Explained

The Local Guide program consists of ten levels, each requiring a specific number of points earned through contributions. As Local Guides progress to higher levels, they gain more influence, access to new features, and recognition within the community.

  • Level 1 – 5 points
  • Level 2 – 15 points
  • Level 3 – 75 points
  • Level 4 – 250 points
  • Level 5 – 500 points
  • Level 6 – 1,500 points
  • Level 7 – 5,000 points
  • Level 8 – 15,000 points
  • Level 9 – 50,000 points
  • Level 10 – 100,000 points

Now we will discuss each level in detail for better understanding for our readers

Level 1

Google Local Guide Level 1 is the starting point in the program, recognizing your contribution as a guide.

  • Create Google Map Account: First, create an account in Google. Then you can register into Google Maps.
  • Start contributing: After logging you can start contributing to Google Maps. You can do this by writing reviews, rating places, uploading photos, answering questions, and adding missing information about local shops.
  • Earn 5 points: Earn at least 5 points by actively contributing to Google Maps. Points are calculated based on the quality and quantity of contributions such as Reviews, Ratings, and Photos.

Once you meet these requirements, you will be considered as a Local Guide Level 1 . After that you can start enjoying the benefits of the community.


These are the primary benefits you will get in Level 1:

  • Local Guide badge: After becoming Local Guide level 1, a badge will appear on your profile. Badges recognize your participation and contribution to the Google Maps community.
  • Recognition: At Level 1, you’ll be recognized as a contributor to the Google Maps and Local Guides community.

Level 1 gives you few benefits, but it is a starting point for your journey as a Local Guide. This means joining the program, which encourages you to continue contributing to a higher level with higher rewards.

As you contribute more to the program, you’ll get additional benefits. For example privileges, and opportunities to engage with the Local Guides community and Google Maps.

Level 2

Google Local Guide Level 2 is achieved after collecting a certain number of points and contributions.


To achieve Google Local Guide Level 2, you need to fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Earn 15 points: Earn at least 15 points for your contributions to Google Maps. You can write reviews, rate places, upload photos, answer questions, and fill in the missing information to earn points.
  2. Keep your posts active: Maintain a consistent level of activity and continue contributing to Google Maps on a regular basis. The consistency of your contributions shows your commitment to helping others.
  3. Please follow the guidelines of your local guide: Make sure your post follows the policies and guidelines of the program. This includes providing accurate and useful information and adhering to community standards and copyright issues.

Great now you have become Google Local Guide Level 2. Enjoy the additional benefits and recognition of this level.


You can avail of these benefits once you reach Level 2 of Google Local Guide

  • Early access to new Google features and products: You can try the latest features and products before they are released for everyone. Even you can give your feedback.
  • Exclusive Contests and Promotions: You can take part in a competition organized by Google as Local Guide Level 2. You can win prizes and rewards also.
  • Meeting with a local guide: You can join local meetings and events. There you can create your network with other Local Guides in your area. Where you can share knowledge, and collaborate on community initiatives.
  • Increased Visibility and Recognition: Reaching Level 2 shows your commitment to the Google Local Guides program. It helps to increase your profile and recognition within the community.

Level 3

After passing the above two levels now you are in Local Guide Level 3. But first, you have to meet a few requirements to become a Google Local Guide Level 3 Professional


To reach Google Local Guides Level 3, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Earn 75 points: Earn at least 75 points for your contribution to Google Maps. Your active commitment and valuable contributions will help you reach this milestone.
  2. Contribute to multiple categories: Expand your posts into different categories on Google Maps. By contributing to different types of posts, You can grow your knowledge and expertise in different areas.
  3. Keep your speed up: Stay active and stay involved with the Local Guides community. Regularly share your experiences, provide accurate information, participate in discussions, and grow the general knowledge base of Google Maps.

Level 3 Google Local Guides have the following benefits:

  • Get access to new features: Exclusive early access to new features and updates for Google Maps. You will enjoy this feature before the general public use it. It can improve your overall Google Maps experience.
  • Recognition and badges: Your contributions will be rewarded with the Level 3 badge.
  • Local guide meeting: Receive invitations to Local Guides’ meetings and events near you. These events give an opportunity to connect with other local guides. By participating in discussions your local knowledge and experience will improve.
  • Additional storage: Enjoy extra online storage space for Google Drive. Level 3 offers 100 GB of storage so you can store more photos, documents, and files.
  • Exclusive newsletter: Receive a regular monthly newsletter featuring the latest information, tips, and highlights from the Local Guides program. The newsletter gives you the latest news and resources to improve your posts. Contribute and keep going to unlock even more perks at higher levels!

Level 4

Congratulations on your Success till now. Now you can become a Google Local Guide level 4 just need to meet these.


To become a Local Guide Level 4, you have to pass the following stage

  1. You have to collect a minimum of 250 points.
  2. Write at least 50 quality reviews.
  3. Maintain active collaboration with the Local Guides community by making regular donations.

Local Guides Level 4 offers the following benefits:

  • Recognition: Your profile will feature a prominent badge highlighting your expertise and contributions.
  • Unique Features: Gain access to beta features and new product launches before they are released to the general public.
  • Trusted Status: Your reviews and edits carry more weight and influence in the Local Guides community and Google Maps.

Level 5

Local Guides Level 5 is a high level of Google’s Local Guides program. You can reach here by providing a large amount of correct and useful local information and reviews on Google Maps.


To work as Google Local Guide Level 5, you have to fulfil these requirements

  1. Earn at least 500 points through your posts on Google Maps. You can collect these points by writing reviews, adding information, uploading photos, answering questions, and making changes.
  2. Make sure your post quality is good and correct information is given by you.
  3. Please continue to participate and contribute to the Local Guides community. You can participate through discussions and by giving feedback.

Have you checked the following Google Local Guide Level 5 benefits? If NO then just go through this

  • Growing influence: As a Level 5 Local Guide, your contributions significantly impact the Google Maps community. Your reviews, ratings, and edits are more important and may influence the decisions of other users.
  • Get Early Access: Level 5 Local Guides can use new Google Maps features and updates before they’re released for everyone. This will help you to stay updated more than others, and share more accurate information.
  • Community rating: Achieving Level 5 status brings recognition and respect from the Local Guides community. Other Local Guide will recognize your contributions. Even you become a trusted voice to share local knowledge.
  • Rewards and Perks: Google may offer rewards and incentives to level 5 Local Guides for your dedicated contributions. These rewards may include exclusive giveaways, event invitations, and other surprises that enhance the Local Guides’ experience.

Once you become Local Guides Level 5 it gives you personal satisfaction and identity among other local guides.

Level 6

Local Guides Level 6 is the new level of achievement in Google’s Local Guides program, achieved after amazing contributions to Google Maps.


Google has not publicly mentioned the specific requirements for becoming a Local Guide Level 6. These are some basic requirements.

  1. Significant Contribution: To reach Level 6, you would need to make valuable contributions to Google Maps. You have to write detailed informative reviews that add exact information about places.

You can also upload high-quality photos, answer questions, and make some edits to improve the user experience.

  1. Consistency and Quality: Consistently providing accurate, helpful, and high-quality contributions is likely a key factor. You have to maintain a high level of perfection in your information that ensures your reviews and content are informative and valuable to other users.
  2. Continued Engagement: You have to engage in your work actively such as participating in discussions, and helping other Local Guides.

You reached an advanced level in the Local Guides program as Level 6. Google offers you more benefits. Check here for Google local guide Level 6 benefits.

  • Elite status and rating: Achieving Local Guides Level 6 represents exceptional dedication, expertise, and contribution to the Google Maps community. It can add value for you among other local guides. They will know you for your knowledge and your work.
  • Increased influence and authority: At Level 6, your contributions carry even more weight and influence. Reviews, ratings, and edits greatly impact your visibility, reputation, and decision-making on Google Maps.
  • Special Opportunities and Rewards: To appreciate your work, Level 6 Local Guides receive rewards from Google. This may include priority access to new features, special events and conferences, personalized support from Google, and potential collaborations and partnerships. These perks further enhance your experience and provide valuable networking and learning opportunities.

When you reach Local Guide Level 6, you’ll become a valued contributor, with great influence. Enjoy special benefits that recognize your expertise and dedication to the Google Maps community.

Level 7 and Level 8

You are one more step closer to reaching the highest level of Local Guide. Some basic requirements you already fulfilled to reach level 6


Google has not added any special requirements for Level 7 and Level 8. Based on your work and knowledge in the previous levels you will be promoted as Local Guide Level 7 and Level 8 simultaneously.


These are some extra benefits you can get once you reach these level

  • Maximum Recognition: You contributed your valuable feedback to the customers. It will bring recognition for you among the local guide community.
  • Special Opportunities: Local Guides get access to special opportunities like new features, beta programs, and events. You can use all these before it is introduced to everyone.
  • Enhanced collaboration and leadership roles: You have an opportunity to lead the new local guide in your community. You can arrange events and conferences, and actively participate in the growth and improvement of the Local Guides program
  • Recognized by Google: You have a chance to work with Google, as well as opportunities to feature or show the company in a variety of ways.

Level 9 and Level 10

Great now you have closer to the highest levels in Local Guide Program. that already show that you carry exceptional knowledge and expertise in the field.


You have already fulfilled the basic requirements to reach Level 8. Now based on the progress of previous levels, Google has the final decision in determining the criteria for this


Now it’s time for you to receive recognition from Google. It means you will get your Google Local Guide Rewards according to your work and contribution to the community. Not only these you may receive Google Local Guide Gifts

As you pass each level you will earn different Google Local Guide benefits. In addition to Google local guide badges that also motivate you for more contributions.

Some violations that may get a guide removed from the program include:

Participating As a Business: If you use the program to promote your own business, it’s against the rules, and you might lose your Local Guide privileges. The program is for sharing helpful information, not for advertising. You should be a helpful guide, not a business promoter!

Duplicating Reviews: You should not copy and paste the same review for multiple places, it is against the program guidelines. Each review should be unique and based on your real experiences. You should keep it original and share your own thoughts!

Spamming the Site: Spamming the site means posting the same content repeatedly or in a disruptive way. Your reviews should be friendly and helpful, not annoying!

Posting Offensive Content: Posting offensive content means sharing material that can hurt or upset others. You should be respectful and kind to create a positive community!

Adding Inaccurate Information: Adding inaccurate information means providing wrong details about places. Let’s make sure you share correct and helpful information to keep Google Maps reliable!

Including Unnecessary Keywords: Including unnecessary keywords means adding extra words that are not relevant to the review or content. You should keep your contributions focused and helpful, avoiding any unrelated fluff!

Leveraging the Local Guide Program for Businesses

Local Guides indirectly impact local SEO by providing reviews that contribute to a business’s online reputation. Positive thoughts and accurate information can influence a business’s visibility and ranking in local search results.

Businesses can attract Local Guides by selecting relevant guides for their niche, encouraging them to write reviews, and simplifying the review process. Authentic user-generated content, feedback, and local recommendations from Local Guides also benefit businesses by attracting customers and improving overall customer satisfaction.

How to Attract Local Guides for Your Business?

Step 1: Select the right kind of Local Guides for your niche.

Yes, Choose the most relevant according to your product and service. For example, you will want to attract a food blogger for your restaurant.

Step 2: What keywords to use in Local Guide Reviews?

  • Great! Now, you have a local guide for your business. So, you need them to write something right? So, what keywords should you use?
  • Obviously, it’s time you open your keyword research sheet. Then, you choose your local keywords like “Near me”, and “best_____near me”. You can check out the example below.
  • Then, you structure a review or set a review guideline/suggestion to your reviewer: This will help you automate and gain an edge.
  • However, note that you should not repeat keywords multiple times. DO NOT POST ALL REVIEWS IN ONE DAY.

Step 3: Encourage Local Guide Reviews.

Google Local Guide Review

Have you checked the discussion between Maria and Henry?

In the above video, Henry, a local Guide is sharing the review in a small forum with Maria about the Coffee Shop that is located Near Metro Station in Kolkata Salt Lake City. A small positive review likely attracts customers. You can encourage the local guides to give positive feedback for your business.

Follow these few tips to motivate them:

Communication importance: Communicate clearly the value and impact of reviews by helping others make informed decisions. It’s important to know that your reviews can motivate others also to discuss and share their experiences. ??

Simplify the verification process: Make it easy for Local Guides to leave reviews by providing clear instructions and streamlining the review process ??. Help the local guides on how to get the review feature, and where to find relevant information to write.

Guide them on how to organize the review effectively: Minimize obstacles and technical issues that may create difficulty for them to participate in the review.

Give incentives for participation: Offer them incentives to encourage local guides to leave reviews. This may include rewards such as exclusive discounts, special offers, and recognition within the community.

Encourage engagement and interaction: You can inspire local guides to share their knowledge, experience and give feedback. Create forums ? and social media groups to connect with other Local Guides, share tips ? and recommendations, and discuss local discoveries.

Avoid Offering a Commission/Fee

Do not buy reviews as it is not a practice that is well received

Always avoid offering a commission or fee for reviews, as it goes against the fundamental of genuine reviews. If you are buying reviews then it is not a good way to work for the Google Local Guide program and other platforms. It can even result in penalties or account suspension.

The focus should be on organic and unbiased feedback from users who genuinely want to share their experiences. Make sure the reviews are genuine and honest because it is important to maintain the principles of the review system.

Hope you get an idea about How you can contribute your work as Local Guide. You will get rewards and gifts from Google for your contribution to the community. Once you found the Local Guide for your business and started working on the Program. You can see the difference in your business in terms of growth. Just go through the article to see its benefits for businesses.

Importance of Local Guide for Businesses?

Improved visibility

Local Guides provide reviews, photos, and information about local businesses to help build your online presence. Positive reviews and correct information attract potential customers and help to gain trust and authority for your business. It is an important factor for local SEO.

User-Generated Content

Local Guides provide valuable user-generated content that provides authentic insights and experiences. But the Local Guide have to follow the user-generated content policy. This content is considered a good source for other users because they get advice in selecting the best product or service for them. For example where to eat, shop, where to learn digital marketing, and visit.

Review by IDCM course user in GMB

Feedback and improvements

Local Guide Google Reviews, ratings, and feedback provide businesses with valuable insight into the customer experience. It helps them identify strengths and areas for improvement. This feedback helps companies improve their products, services, and overall customer satisfaction.

Local Recommendations

Local guides often have a wealth of knowledge about their area and can provide good advice about nearby shops. These recommendations can drive traffic and customers to local businesses, support the local economy, and foster community engagement.

Word-of-mouth marketing

Positive reviews and recommendations from local guides can lead to word of mouth and attract more customers to your business. Local Guides often share their experiences and recommendations with their social circles, increasing the reach and impact of their reviews.

I hope you can now get an overview of the Local Guide Program and its benefits for your business. If it is not clear to you, and you want more clear concept about this topic. You can enrol yourself in IDCM Digital Marketing Course that will help you to understand from basics of digital marketing to the advanced level.


The Local Guide Program is a powerful platform that allows individuals to contribute their local knowledge to enhance Google Maps and local search results. By becoming a Google Local Guide, individuals can unlock various benefits while helping users make informed decisions and discover new places.

Businesses can leverage the program to improve their online visibility, reputation, and customer engagement. By understanding and actively participating in the Local Guide Program, both individuals and businesses can benefit from the power of shared knowledge and community-driven initiatives.

Hope you have found this guide informative. If you are interested to explore more about Digital Marketing and its evolution for businesses. Join our Diploma in Digital Marketing Course and become an expert in the field.

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