PPC Marketing – Target the Right People at the Right Time

Currently, PPC (pay per click) marketing is preferred over most advertising options available in the market. PPC marketing has a major and positive impact on all businesses.
  • PPC offers quick traffic, easily traceable results
  • PPC advertisement is aligned with all marketing networks
  • PPC provides a hub of useful data
  • PPC helps start-ups remain in a ventilated position
Small to large business owners often undervalue the benefits of PPC marketing. As a result, they miss out on a big opportunity to grow their online businesses fast in a controlled and profitable manner. PPC (pay per click advertising) also known as Paid Search Advertising (PSA) is an important part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). PPC forms a vital component for successful online business as well as a strategic digital marketing campaign. Pay per click advertising is conducted through Google & Google Partner Networks (for ex. YouTube), all social media and other search engines. PPC is a sure-shot way to reach your potential customers and endorse your products or services. Together with SEO, PPC targets audiences using Google and Bing search engines to find answers to their queries, all-purpose information, or products to buy. As the term suggests, in PPC, an advertiser/promoter pays only when someone clicks on their ads. For the last few years, this model has grown and PPC campaigns are now practised on pricing models such as or CPA (pay when a click on the advertisement leads to conversion) or CPM (pay per 1000 impressions)

Why Choose PPC ads?

If you’re just commencing in business, and lack ample traffic or brand visibility, PPC comes to the rescue. You will get instant results, draw in twice as many visitors and retarget the audience. PPC allows marketers to:
  • reach targeted audience fast
  • specify who will see their ads
  • these ads are specified either by entering keywords or demographic features
  • pay when someone completes an action on their ad
With PPC marketing, you will never lose out on valuable traffic and revenue. So let’s get going.

4 Powerful benefits of PPC marketing

You can start slow, measure your success, and then spend according to your campaign needs. In PPC, everything is trackable and measurable such as:
  • advertisement impressions
  • number of clicks received
  • website visits
  • conversions rate
Tip: If you are new to Google or Facebook ads, it is best to set up your campaigns professionally and optimize it accordingly.

How to work with PPC?

In PPC, optimization is a fundamental component.
  • Learn from your competitors by taking a closer look at their campaigns.
  • Lower your CPC (cost per click) costs
  • Take help of SEMrush– a low-cost competitive intelligence tool that can give you a lot of marketing insight.
  • Search and research relevant keywords with its search volume. Spend money on profitable keywords.
  • If some campaigns are slacking, you always turn them off and focus on the ones that are benefitting.
According to SERP Watch, 97% of people learn about local businesses online. Get targeted traffic fast with PPC ads using the following methods:
  • Google Ads: choose the specific keywords that will display your ads. These ads will appear on the header and footer of Google search results.
  • Facebook Ads: define your target group based on age, gender, location, and other demographic characteristics that Facebook provides.
PPC attributes to
  • quality of products
  • high conversion of landing pages
  • customized + optimize PPC campaigns
  • PPC advertising is a significant component of any digital marketing strategy and well fits with all marketing platforms.
  • Marketers can use dynamic search ad campaigns and let PPC streamline keywords that match with their website.
  • PPC marketing effectively tests different keywords to the target audience with long term SEO goals
  • PPC is an unparalleled way to get more mobile application and strengthen mobile marketing.
  • Marketers can use PPC to get additional email signups and enrich their email marketing campaigns.
  • PPC is great for niche SEO optimization
  • PPC is used by marketers to drive customers to their office/store and get direct calls from customers looking for services/products in a particular area.
According to Web FX, 70% of customers are more likely to buy your product when you use retargeting. According to digital marketing, retargeting (or remarketing) is one of the most effective ways to increase conversions. Retargeting is a technique where marketers create campaigns and target audience that have already visited their site but did not convert.
  • Generating a code provided by Google Ad words, Facebook or even Twitter, marketers allow these networks to identify through website cookies.
  • These cookies can identify the audiences that visited their website but did not make a purchase.
  • With PPC, one can create campaigns targeting those group of people, offer them incentives to re-visit their website and complete the purchase course.

Dos & Don’ts of PPC Advertisement

When to use PPC When not to use PPC
PPC is a good fit for almost any type of business. PPC is not good for quick marketing output as it takes a minimum of 3-6 months
For selling products and services, increasing, generating new leads from Google or social media platforms. For very low priced products, the cost of running pay-per-click campaigns might exceed the budget hence, best to avoid
PPC is best for startup businesses. Marketers can use PPC to establish business advantages Do not use PPC if you have an Adsense website. Adsense and Adwords can work together but there are challenges to run them parallelly
PPC is best for time-sensitive services as it provides instant access to the target group Do not try pay per click if you don’t have the right knowledge about it
PPC is vital for keyword domination marketing. Even with good organic rankings, PPC can dominate the search results. You should have a working knowledge about Running campaigns on Adwords and Facebook otherwise, you will end up losing a lot of money with the minimum return
The take-away message from this blog is that if you don’t include PPC advertising in your digital marketing strategy, you are missing out on big opportunities. PPC is a must-use tool for almost any business thus, PPC training is highly recommended. Check out the best digital marketing courses that will help you upskill in no time and make you industry ready for all digital marketing roles.
Pinaki Dasgupta
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