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The digital universe has sort of hijacked our daily lifestyle. From checking on our Facebook accounts to placing an order of our favorite apparel brand – we can’t help but keep a constant tab on the goings-on of the digital scape. Be it an academic institute or a top-notch brand, businesses too are leveraging the power of digital media to enhance their brand visibility and drive sales All of this has contributed to the emergence of more and more digital marketing jobs as the demand for digital marketing professionals is at an all-time high. Word is, by the time 2020 ends, India’s digital industry is expected to produce more than 20 lakh jobs. ?

But what about the earning potential? 

Well, as a digital marketer, you will not only get highly paid but also ensure a future-proof career than many of those traditional 10-to-5-ers we’re accustomed to. And if you know the right tricks, you might get famous as well! ?

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Let’s take a quick peek at the most in-demand Digital Marketing Jobs available today.

Social Media Influencer

This is probably the most hobbyist role available to almost anyone willing to take the plunge in this field. A Social Media Influencer is a digital user who has the expertise or taste in a particular industry or line of products. Using their secret sauce to gain more and more followers, they often endorse products of a particular brand with the intent of influencing the purchasing decisions of their followers. Aren’t you more keen on using the products demonstrated by your favorite Bhuvan Bam or Asish Chanchlani? They wouldn’t have come so far without the support of a power-packed digital marketing team. Whether you assist an influencer or be an influencer yourself, it’s a win-win anyway!

  • Educational qualification – Nothing specific but a minimum qualification of 10+2 is expected.
  • Earning potential – Starting from INR 2,000 to INR 20,00,000 depending on the number of followers, subscribers or the brands you work for.
Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Consultants are primarily tasked with researching and advising the most effective ways of digital advertising or marketing strategies for their clients. They recommend the best practices to identify opportunities to increase customer engagement, brand goodwill and market penetration.

  • Educational Qualification – Any graduate with adequate Digital Marketing knowledge and field expertise. Digital Marketing Diploma or Certification are considered as brownie points for a winning portfolio.
  • Avg. Earning potential – Annually INR 4,67,000/year and above (Source: Glassdoor)
Digital Marketing Freelancer

These guys, in a nutshell, do everything a Digital Marketing Consultant does but from the comfort of their homes. It’s a wonderful role for those professionals educated in Digital Marketing who want to work independently. Their main job role is to lead potential customers of endorsing brands to their respective websites/ social media platforms and then turn them into paying, loyal end-users.

  • Education Qualifications required – Nothing specific, graduation desirable.
  • Earning potential – Starts from INR 15,000/month to INR 1,00,000/month and above (depends on the project at hand).

digital marketing consultant

Digital Marketing Lead

Digital Marketing Leaders are generally responsible for planning, developing, implementing and managing the overall digital marketing strategy for a particular brand or a group of brands in an agency. In addition, they are responsible for managing, guiding and training the team who hold their aces in SEO, PPC, social media, analytics, etc.

  • Educational Qualifications required – Any graduate with Digital Marketing Certification.
  • Avg. Earning potential – INR 6,00,000 /year and above (Source: Glassdoor).
SEO Manager

SEO Managers are responsible for planning and executing the overall SEO strategy of the business/ company. They usually cover a wide variety of duties such as web marketing, web analytics, content strategy planning, link building, keyword strategy, etc. Objective? To place the brands at the top of the search results in Google, Bing, etc.

  • Educational Qualifications – Any graduate with a Digital Marketing Certification.
  • Avg. Earning potential – INR 5,00,000/ year and above (Source: Glassdoor).
Digital Marketing Faculty

Digital Marketing Faculty, as the name suggests, is involved in training students or corporates who want to learn Digital Marketing. They can either do the teaching from the comfort of their homes or join a Digital Marketing Training Institute for this.

  • Educational Qualifications required – Any graduate with Digital Marketing Certification.
  • Earning potential – INR 26,000/ month and above.

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Have some more online marketing jobs in mind which are making the rounds? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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