A Free Online Digital Marketing Course Vs A Digital Marketing Training Institute: A Stand-Off

What happens when you pit an online course versus a digital marketing training institute? If your answer is—chaos, then you dear reader, are on-spot! There was a time when we had classrooms and schedules to follow. Sitting at home and studying at your own time was a fantasy of the highest order. Meanwhile, within a country that shall not be named, a single organism was working on reversing the tables.

In three months, going to a classroom was a luxury. Although, in the middle of time, there existed a field named digital marketing. It is the hero of this story who was slowly gaining recognition. Subsequently, with this pandemic, the demand for digital transformation burst through the roof! Likewise, the need for a digital marketing training institute increased. 

There must have been online digital marketing courses to fill the gap, right? 

Well, yes, but what gap are we talking about here? Is it the Skill Gap or the Education Gap? Or is it the Learning Gap?

It must be kept in mind that many were forced to take their livelihoods online, and learning had to follow suit. Yet, 2020 saw a whole bunch of people losing their jobs. Why was that? We answer this question later in this article. Although, we take a first-hand look at what led to the rise of the digital marketing training institute and why you need one too! 


Digital Marketing: A Rewind

Digital transformation is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing sectors of employment. In our years of existence, we have seen a triple-fold growth in the need for skilled digital marketers. Yet, digital marketing itself could not be contained or limited to a single curriculum back then. When’s it? We are talking about the 2010 era. The Google Algorithm was pretty loose, and having a website was just enough. The E-Commerce giants were growing, and there weren’t enough people buying online. 

Cut to 2020—Everything here is chaos. Right in the middle of it is a workforce that does not have the required training to work online. So, what do you do with a workforce that can’t work online? (and there was no offline) 

You lose jobs. This means a digitally ready workforce became highly in demand. Digital Marketing is a feather in the proverbial hat that is your career. That is why you need a digital marketing training institute.

Why Do Digital Marketing Training Institutes Make All The Difference?

If you are thinking— I don’t need digital marketing training or a digital marketing training institute.  I specialize in this, and I studied that! Let us correct you because digital marketing surrounds your life, and you are not aware of it. Marketing and its concepts remain pretty much the same, yet adding a digital prefix to the word marketing changes everything we know about Marketing. Even though the basics apply, the behaviours of consumers change. 

If you have realised what we are trying to draw out of this story, Kudos to you! If you have not, let us tell you that digital marketing needs special attention and ultimate mastery.

Remember, we asked you a question— What Gap? Skill, Education, or Learning?

Well, we answer this and settle this, in a stand-off between Online Courses vs Digital Marketing Training!

There exist three kinds of gaps in the employability of the people in India. The First is the Skill Gap, the second is the Education Gap, and the third is the Learning Gap.

The Skill Gap: Explained

To understand the skill gap, you have to take a look back at the pandemic. When Covid-19 caused massive lockdowns:

  • No generation was adequately prepared to handle what was to follow. 
  • It is sufficient to draw a summary that everybody suffered. 

The only people who did not suffer severely were digital marketers. However, they had to upskill.

It must be kept in mind that digital marketing was simply a module in a Master of Business Administration Degree Course. Yet, the whole MBA Curriculum was forced online. People who were Digital Marketers before 2020 operated on experience and core learning. They might have been hired originally with their business degrees and their online degrees. 

However, their hands-on experience made all the difference. When the demand for a skilled workforce arose, there weren’t enough qualified people to handle the demands of an industry that changes every day. The parameters of the Key Performance Indicators and the core concepts change with each Google algorithm update. 

The Education Gap

It is no secret that there aren’t enough people qualified to work in India. This happens solely because higher education isn’t a priority in a country whose majority of the population lies in the agricultural sector. Thus, there exists a large number of people; who don’t continue education after passing their 10+2 Exams. Currently, the definition of literacy in India is a person above the age of seven who can read as well as write in any language. This explains in one sentence the kind of ever-widening gap between education and skills. 

However, there has been active adoption of education. The Indian government is actively at work by several outreach programmes like Skill India and the NSDC. 

The path to closing the gap is a Herculean task. Yet, a digital marketing training institute is one step forward in the pathway to closing the education gap.

The Learning Gap

This is a gap that can only be explained by taking a look at 2019. Online Programs and Distance Learning were concepts that were familiar to people working jobs. Yet, to the masses, this mode of learning was completely unfamiliar. Thus, when the shift happened, everything crashed. People came out bearing certificates, but learners suffered. Grades rose, but in a report, everyone faces unemployment in some form or another. Fresh Graduates are viewed as a result of a system that lets off everyone easily. 

To make the rotten icing of a rotten cake, COVID-19 is an ever-present hurdle. People do not possess the required skills or degrees, and the inability to learn makes it a greater challenge. People who could not afford the internet had to buy devices and go online to learn. 

The need for hands-on training was always present. The pandemic did not change that fact. However, there is a silver lining, and digital marketing training institutes have a huge role to play. 

A Silver Lining: A Tale of Digital Marketing Training Institute

The silver lining comes in the form of sectors that grew despite the pandemic. Those sectors were: a) BFSI b) Digital Transformation 

Digital Marketing is a large part of Digital Transformation. The pandemic caused a rethink for most businesses that used to outsource their digital marketing requirements to agencies. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr have seen a burst in terms of marketers and small to large businesses trying to get their digital marketing jobs done. 

However, the number of in house digital marketing departments are increasing. It is undeniable that every institution needs a digital marketing department. What can take you there? A free digital marketing course or a digital marketing course with placement from a digital marketing training institute? 

An Online Course And A Digital Marketing Training Institute Walk Into A Classroom | What Happens Next?

This is the moment we have all been holding our breath for. On one corner stands celebrated and established gunfighter named Free Online Digital Marketing Courses. On the other corner stands a once-famous samurai named a digital marketing training institute. 

It is said that it is never ideal to bring a knife to a gunfight. Although no one said anything about a Samurai with a sword? The showdown begins, and in an instant, the gunfighter misses all the shots he takes as the digital marketing training institute takes cover and works to launch a surprise attack. 

Soon enough, the samurai executes his plan and emerges as the victor. What should not have happened has happened. 

The cost heavy digital marketing training institute wins against the free version. Why did that happen?

Analyzing The Outcome Between A Digital Marketing Training Institute Vs A Free Online Digital Marketing Course

It is simple enough when the outcomes are measured after taking the moves of each respective fighter into account. For example, the gunfighter misses all the shots because most online courses in a classroom don’t work. Or for that matter, most online courses do not offer personalization. Simultaneously, a digital marketing training institute designs its courses based on the actual needs of a learner. The advantages of live training(online/classroom) can never be downplayed.

Before the pandemic, digital marketing training institutes took personalization to a new level. Although with the pandemic that personalization went online after the pandemic. Most assume that digital marketing course fees from a digital marketing institute are quite high, but that is a misconception. Most global online courses are wildly expensive. Although, these courses are all pre-recorded, and offer little to no personalization. 

Thus let’s draw out a tab between the advantages and disadvantages of a digital marketing training institute and an online course.

Free Online Courses Digital Marketing Training Institute
✔️ Cheap And Fast To Consume  

✔️ Offers Personalization

✔️ Live Videos

✔️ The Latest Updates Are Included

✔️ 1:1 Student To Mentor Ratio

✔️ Internship And Placement Support

✔️ Knowledge Is Tested Thoroughly

✔️ Dedicated Placement/Doubt Support

✔️ Physical Locations to Knock On

❌ Offers No Personalization

❌ Pre-Recorded Videos

❌ Remains Outdated 

❌ No Internship Or Placement Support

❌ No Student To Mentor Ratio

❌ Lack of Physical Locations

❌ No Proper Test Of Knowledge

❌ Relies On Students To Learn On Their Own

❌ Cost Heavy


We hope we have made the advantages of a digital marketing training institute clear. If you are looking for a digital marketing training institute that fulfils all of the checkboxes above, look no further. Know more!

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