Are Digital Marketing Training Institute Courses in India World-Class?

‘You are Fired!’—the email read. My career died today, or maybe it was yesterday; I can’t remember. I got an email from my old boss: ‘You haven’t been keeping to your targets & missing work. You are Fired. Yours sincerely.’ That doesn’t mean anything, though! It may have been yesterday, or it may have been today! Joining a Digital Marketing Training Institute has changed all that!

—Not Albert Camus

COVID ruined our lives, jobs, health, education, and almost everything. What about our careers? From massive layoffs to massive growth, the Pandemic has shown us an uncanny silver lining. We are here because we are one Digital Marketing Training Institute in India, which doesn’t want COVID to cut you down. 

In other words, we want to be the bearer of change and tell you the good news for your career! Although, you need to make sure you want to change your career. 

7 Signs you are tired of your Career(Don’t Worry: Here’s a Path of Change)
  1. Waking up each day feels like a task
  2. Getting Dressed for work seems even bigger a task. Mondays seem to kill you.
  3. The Transit to work feels like an Eternity, and the journey home can’t be fast enough.
  4. Doing the Actual work at your workplace feels like a stone on your heart.
  5. You often end up daydreaming and can’t focus on the task at hand.
  6. It feels like you are break dancing in a burning room.
  7. You daydream, and at 3 in the morning, you are awake. Thinking, ‘Where is my career going?’

It’s time for you to perhaps Raise that blade named ‘Skill’, and make the change!

 At the beginning of 2020, amongst widespread panic, we saw stories of change and perseverance coming together. Believe it or not, it is still going on! Above all, it has all to do with this phenomenon called: Digital Marketing Training Institutes In India.

COVID: A Digital Marketer’s Paradise

The Pandemic ended up being a boon for the Education Sector. You’ve searched for world-class training in offline classrooms, but it was all a million miles away. With the Pandemic, the goals realigned. 

We have noticed these minute observations since 2020:

Strangle Unemployment, Kick your Fears away like a Ted Nugent Song! Digital Marketers and professionals everywhere have learnt to increase their earnings. Freelancing is the new black. Sing your hearts out, and start a Digital Marketing Course today

Scope of a Career in Digital Marketing

Not convinced yet? Perhaps, we should tell you that a career in Digital Marketing is diverse; and the roles are virtually endless. Don’t feel like you are enough? 

If you have been doing these things, we feel you will like what a job in Digital Marketing offers:

  1. Binge-Watching TV Shows/ Reading Anything
  2. Being a Social Butterfly on Instagram, Facebook
  3. Stay Updated on the Latest Trends and Massive Fails
  4. Being a Meme Lord.

The Skillswise Trajectory after a Digital Marketing Course

Well, let’s look at the roles and how they correspond to the inner functioning of Digital Marketing:

SEO Executive

This is a job role that has everything to do with staying updated on trends and understanding the subtle nuances of the customer funnel. This is a beginner role, and this role will burst the unemployment shield! From finding the right keywords to understanding how a website has to be optimized to rank. The SEO Executive’s sole job is to generate Organic Leads while adhering to every possible Algorithm Factors. 

Must-have Skills: Analytical+Mathematical Skills + SEO Foundation

Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC) Specialist

This is a job role that corresponds to that of an SEO Executive, but the factors change. From choosing a cost-effective strategy to using the right keyword, a PPC Operates on the modus operandi of generating warm leads and obtaining conversion. Although, this is a job that requires a Specialist because going wrong is expensive.

Must have skills: Binge-Watching Skills, PCC Foundation, Analytical & Copy-Writing Skills! 

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Executive

Sounds complex, right? Well, the job, if explained, is pretty simple. This is a job role that requires Customer Research, Sales and Analytics. The goal is to gain maximum conversions, or in other words—stop people from leaving the website and push them along the sales journey!

Must-have skills- Sales+Analytics+CRO Foundation

Senior Data Analyst

Scared already by the words ‘Data’ and ‘Analytics’. No, this is not data science, and no, it does not require programming. It’s all about collecting the data, preparing the data, and making reports. These reports aid in your marketing decisions. So, what the hell is the job of a Data Scientist? In the plainest of terms, a data scientist’s job is to detect patterns based on demographics, behaviour, and so much more. Fortunately, most digital marketing tools for analytics have AI Modules to do just that. Thus, the job of a Data Analytics Expert is to ensure all that data is being gathered.

Must-have skills- Google Analytics Certification + Latest Updates on User Data & Trends

Email Marketing Executive 

This role is all about designing email marketing campaigns that inform the customer while leading to sales. Email Marketing accounts for the most conversions and the highest Return on Investments. A Customer and the Marketer’s Relationship is nurtured by an Email Marketer. Thus, a specialization for this requires segmented and targeted writing skills. Along with knowledge of core marketing skills! 

Must-Have Skills- Content Marketing Skills combined with the latest updates of the World

Social Media Marketing Executive

After an email marketer, the highest amount of audience outreach is through Social Media Marketing. Starting from Optimizing Social channels to developing High-Quality followers through engagement by Quality and Valuable Content. 

Must-Have Skills- Facebook Blueprint+Social Skills, Ability to Connect with the Mass 

Content Writer

This is a job that serves all departments except CRM, CRO & Analytics. Although, in the strictest of sense, they too are related indirectly. So—Content? What is it? It’s simple for this content too. Content is the base for everything, and please do not confuse literature with content. You do not need to have a Masters or  PhD. in English Literature to write content. So—You think you can be a Content Writer?

Must-have skills- Dank Meme Making Skills, Able to Digest Mass Volume of Content (Binge-Watching)

3 Classy Training Courses from a Digital Marketing Training Institute in India 

Do you see it now, more clearly than ever? You can take up any of these roles, and that too from the skills you already possess. However, if you have some skills you don’t possess— let us tell you the obvious. That is where a Digital Marketing Training Institute comes in. To explain further—Skills for SEO, PPC Foundation, etc., can only be attained through an instructor-led course. Moreover, these roles require individual specialization. Thus, to get this specialization, you should know why.

  • Firstly, if you have figured that experience and specialization come hand in hand; then you are wrong. 
  • You can gain specialization as a freelancer. Although, freelancing is extremely competitive.
  • You will require Projects as Proof of your skills. 
  • All while, Proof requires a Portfolio. Subsequently, a portfolio requires Hard-Earned Knowledge. 
  • We say this over and over: ‘Hard-Earned Knowledge requires Training!’ 

Thus, if you are in India or outside, a digital marketing training institute comes into play. You can be ready within as little as six months! An ideal course should make you ready to start on these roles:

  • Digital Marketing Associate
  • Sr . Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Team Lead
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Strategist-Digital Marketing
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Entrepreneur 



1. Which course is best for digital marketing?

Depends on how well of a marketer you want to become:

  1. An Amateur
  2. A Job Holding Expert

If you want the first, any online self-paced course will do. Otherwise, a person should (without fail) seek Training. However, that Training can be Classroom-based, Online or Blended. An SEO/PPC Training will prepare a candidate in terms of their procedural methods or their ideology. As far as formula online courses go, they lack the personalization that a Classroom/Blended classroom training experience Offers.

To sum it up, if you want to be an amateur, an online course will be fine. Otherwise, get enrolled in a digital marketing training institute in India.

2. How can I learn digital marketing in India?

To learn digital marketing in India—the best idea is to get enrolled in an institute that offers job assured courses. Only then is your learning worth it. The biggest problem with the job market in India is the Skill Gap. There exists a vast difference between the skillset shown and the skillset owned. 

To elaborate further, let’s take an SEO Executive Role, which requires precision, but— most online certificate holders can’t even do Keyword Research Properly. Outrageous claim? That is what we have seen in over 90% of our Batches. We have certificate holders and MBA Students, but there is, an immense disconnect between the core marketing techniques and digital tools.

3. Is Digital Marketing in demand in India?

Yes, without any doubt. If anyone breaks their job searches into the various avenues of Digital Marketing, the jobs are endless. To be Precise, anyone with a Certification from a Digital Marketing Institute can start searching for beginner jobs such as

  • Social Media Manager, 
  • Content Writer, 
  • SEO Executive
  • Copywriter
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Social Media Lead

The job roles can fetch anywhere between 1.5 LPA to 16 LPA (depending on the candidate’s experience)

4. What are the fees of a digital marketing course in India?

Online Course Fees Range as low as Free to a Few Lacs. There are more than a few courses. Although, investing the same in a diploma digital marketing course from a government institute is the best idea. A six-month course can range between 70,000 to 80,000 Rupees.

 ‘Why would I do that?’, you ask. Well:

  • A Salary of the Digital Marketing Roles range between 2 to 37 LPA
  • Secondly, you can work and learn.

5. Which is the best digital marketing course in India?

Well, there are MBA Courses that take two years to complete, and then there are more short term courses that will get you started in a job in as little as 3 months. Have a resume you can be proud of! With World Class Certifications and instructors that personalize your job experience, you will be ready to take on the race of ranking. Better yet, a job assurance awaits in a course like this!

Our Diploma in a digital marketing course, in comparison to other colleges courses in India, will get you job-ready. At a knockout and unbelievable rate. Best Part? We are Government Certified, and even our most basic course gets you Certificates from Skill India & NSDC. 

Liking what we are saying? We suspect you will like our diploma in digital marketing course on offer!

Debrup Ganguly
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