Why Digital Marketing Jobs Are Almost Recession-Proof

With the COVID-19 pandemic continually claiming lives and keeping most nations including India shut down, it’s no secret that the Indian economy is likely to suffer considerably in the coming months. The writing has been on the wall for weeks now. The Government is trying its best to take pre-emptive measures, for instance, with the recently allocated Rs. 20,000 lakh crore of ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ dedicated to tackling this mess. Nevertheless, many economic experts are of the opinion that a 2008-esque economic recession is on the cards and many jobs are destined to be lost in the near future. As a matter of fact, the process has already started. This begs the question, are Digital Marketing jobs relatively on the safer side?

Guarantees are hard to come by these days and a definite ‘yes’ or ‘no’ at this point is tough to provide. Long story short – ‘most probably yes’. This is because, during such economic recessions, inflation and other aspects play their parts too. Factors like the Reserve Bank of India possibly increasing the Repo Rate to tackle inflation and the considerable reluctance of foreign investors would likely impact jobs in the long run as these would see money get sucked out of the economy.

So a better question to ask might be – whether skilled digital marketers are better placed than other pros to hold on to their jobs for dear life during this Covid-19 pandemic or find alternatives if absolutely needed. The answer to this would have to be a comfortable ‘yes’. Let’s find out why.

Digital Marketing Jobs Have High Demand

Reliable sources guesstimated the following before the Coronavirus pandemic took shape :

  • The growth of India’s digital advertising industry is at 33.5%.
  • The value of the digital marketing industry will exceed the INR 225 billion mark by 2020.
  • By 2020, in India digital Industry will produce more than 20 lakh jobs.

Even if these numbers get halved due to this pandemic, they would still present a significant number of digital marketing jobs up for grabs. The Digital Marketing scene in 2016-17 itself had reached $1 billion mark in India, which has grown manifold in the successive years up until now. Pandemic-induced recession or not, these are still encouraging numbers, meaning there will be not a huge dearth of skilled digital marketing jobs in the economy.

If you have some digital marketing prowess and are in need of a job, just search the Facebook Jobs section taking a break from your news-feed scrolling ritual. You’ll see even in this lock-down situation there is no shortage of digital marketing jobs for the skilled. And they’re offering decent pay as well. You’re welcome!


Digital Marketing Is Possible From Home

#StayHomeStaySafe? #SocialDistancing? #Lockdown?

Well, none of the above can really put a full-stop to digital marketing activities as they can be smoothly done from the comfort of homes. Just a decent Internet connection, a PC, a smartphone (optional) and viola! A digital marketing professional is good to go. Oh, and a cup of tea or coffee surely helps!

With the technology that’s on offer in this 21st century it’s no longer rocket science to manage the ever-tech-savvy digital marketing teams online. Google Meet, Zoom, Skype – you name it and digital marketers can deploy it to their advantage.

In sharp contrast, most other professions excluding IT/Software professionals would find it damn tough to efficiently manage their work from home. In some professions it’s just impossible. I leave it to you to figure out which ones I’m talking about.


Can Be Done On A Tight Budget

Digital marketing does not need truckloads of moolah to do its thing. Most of the digital marketing tools are free, and even the ones that are not won’t force a business to burn a hole in its cash pocket to deploy. All that’s really required are skill, some experience and a lot of enthusiasm to carry out digital marketing activities.

Talking from a technical stand-point, some cost benefits of digital marketing include:

  • The longevity of programs like SEO and email automation, which continue to perform and pay dividends long after they’re implemented, and can always be improved upon.
  • The ability to shift quickly, both in terms of spend level and budget allocation. If something isn’t working, the digital marketer can always adjust or move to another strategy.
  • The ability to set goals and targets and optimize the way toward them while midstream, instead of waiting until a traditional campaign is over to analyze.

When managed efficiently SEO, SEM, digital advertising and email marketing are the most cost-effective ways to do any kind of marketing these days. No need to rob banks folks!

Oh, now that I mentioned robbing banks, you might as well check out this blog where we have produced a hypothetical scenario – comparing Money Heist characters to Digital Marketing pros!


Cannot Do Away With Digital Marketing

Even if production output of a company gets stopped due to the pandemic and the ensuing lock-downs as is the case at present, brands themselves cannot afford to stop marketing activities entirely. This is valid on both business and moral grounds.

Marketing in these challenging times should not only be about pushing products or services but also to stand in solidarity and support of customers and non-customers alike. Since traditional forms of marketing are almost no-goes now due to the lock-down, digital marketing provides the only way out.


Produces Measurable Results

There are few trades more flexible than Digital Marketing. Getting easily measurable results directly against the effort put in? Even fewer. Not even the traditional forms of marketing can boast of getting to have quantitatively and qualitatively observable results consistently over a stipulated period of time. When trying to cut costs, businesses would want to see what their careful investment is doing for them. You, as a skilled digital marketer can make them see that!


Want to be recession-proof and bag lucrative digital marketing jobs? You may check out our affordable range of digital marketing courses prepared keeping YOU in mind! We have something for everyone.

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Why Digital Marketing Jobs Are Almost Recession-Proof

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