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Thinking of an MBA in Digital Marketing? Then, it’s time that you get introduced to the best advanced digital marketing course in India with 100% Placement Assurance and 6 Months of Paid Internship.

Welcome to IDCM, India’s only Digital Marketing Training Institute to offer have a Professional course that will take you from Basic to Advanced in just 9 Months. Learn the “How-To”, “What-To-Do” and the “To-Do” while working on carefully tailored live projects to enhance your understanding of the modules. Want to know more? Take a look at our Brochure.

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Course Features

Total Duration
Course Type
9 months
12 ( IDCM+NSDC, 8 Google, Meta Blueprint, Hubspot, SEMRush)
Total Duration
9 months
Course Type
12 ( IDCM+NSDC, 8 Google, Meta Blueprint, Hubspot, SEMRush)

Develop full and real expertise on every aspect of Digital Marketing, ranging from SEO to CRO.

This Advanced Diploma truly covers the A to Z of Digital Marketing. This course has been built to adjust for Working Professionals/Techies/ literally Anyone who are looking for the best advanced digital marketing courses in India with Hands-On-Training.

The Top 10  Reasons to Pick IDCM’s Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing as your Next Career Step:

✔️ 100% Assurance of Placement

✔️ 6 Months Paid Internship

✔️ Industry Experts as Faculty

✔️ Hands-On Training

✔️ Firsthand Classroom Practical

✔️ Hybrid Learning

✔️ 70 Digital Automation Tools

✔️ 36+ Live Projects

✔️ 12 Certifications

✔️ Mock Interview Sessions

✔️ 22+ Years of Expertise

  • General Students – 10+2, Graduate, Post Graduate in any discipline with the drive to upskill in Digital Media
  • Working Professionals – Full-time professionals who want to switch to Digital Marketing or upgrade their skills
  • Businessmen/Freelancers  Entrepreneurs or Freelancers who want to reach & convert their clients through Digital Media
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Free MasterClasses

Apart from the free webinars a student gets, we have one-on-one sessions from Macho Industry Experts for our Students as Add-Ons with our Digital Marketing Diploma Course.

Google Certifications

As a student of our Advanced Digital Marketing Diploma Course, you get 12 Globally Recognized Certifications, but we help you get more Certifications from Google. 

Hubspot & SEMRush Certifications

Apart from the Email Marketing Certifications, get 30+ Certifications from SEMRush and Hubspot!

Analytics Certifications

Get 3 Certifications from Google that will prove-You are a Lord of Google Analytics. Build your arsenal, and stand apart from the crowd.

Facebook Certifications

Unlock more Blueprints for your career with Facebook’s Blueprint Certifications, on an add-on basis. 

Freelancing Unlocked

Start your Freelancing Journey with the Skills you learn in this Advanced Course in Digital Marketing. Scale up your earning potential.

Advanced Content Marketing

Make a heavy-weighted Resume. Content is everywhere, and a king knows how to market content! Our Advanced Content Marketing Module will help you market what you write.

Advanced Email Marketing

Staying in touch is important, but effective selling is even more important! Learn effectiveness and give an edge to your email marketing strategy. 

Advanced Automation Tools

We give you a range of  advanced AI training tools that will help you automate your success in digital marketing. Mix advanced marketing techniques with the best digital tools to make your life easier.

Flexible Learning

Learn at your own pace with our blended courses. Get the best of online and offline with our Live Sessions, which are recorded, and made available for your learning.

After-Course Support

IDCM is the start of your career journey, and we believe in making it special. Even after our course ends, you get after course support (at Zero Extra Cost).

Hybrid Learning

Missed a class? Have a deadline you can’t miss? Our hybrid course structure allows you the flexibility you didn’t know, you needed.

Students Speak
Soumiya Nandi

Right course designed by the right people at the right time!

- Soumiya Nandi Watch Video
Rayna Saha

Great Faculties...Amazing Learning Experience...Highly recommended as it is an Institute with a difference!

- Rayna Saha Watch Video
Suchismita Mondal

New innovation. Hope this would open a new door of more feather on the cap of ICA.

- Suchismita Mondal Watch Video
Rishav Chowdhury

Right course designed by the right people at the right time!

- Rishav Chowdhury Watch Video
Subhangi Sengupta

I like the no jargon training-based approach of IDCM

- Subhangi Sengupta Watch Video
Our Recruiter
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Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, without any doubt. Although, you will need a Computer Device & a Stable Internet Connection. IDCM’s Digital Marketing Courses feature Blended Learning. “What is Blended Learning?” In short, this is how we do it:

  • All the Rocksolid Modules are taught via Live Video lectures.
  • Live Webinars & Mentoring Sessions from Industry Experts.
  • Live 1-on-1 Training & Mentoring through Online Meeting Platforms.
  • Classroom Batches are kept available.
  • Exams are held both Online & in the classroom.
  • All Recordings of Sessions & Webinars are made available to you.

You can join our Classroom Mode if you don’t like Online Learning. Either way, we make sure you become a whole Digital Marketer. That too with integrated foundations on all the paths of digital marketing.

Live Sessions. classroom Sessions. Blended Sessions. Choose the one that you like! That is what you get. Hands-on Training is given in each of our sessions. As the tale of courses goes—any practical requires a theory first. Our pedagogy follows in the same footsteps. (There is a secret too, but that we can only tell in person) Once all theory classes are complete. Assignments are given out based on simulations. That, in summation, is your way of getting hands-on expertise!

In one digital hour, a failure in one Google Server can bring the world to a halt. India has more mobile phones than toilets. That is a fact. Each segment of SEO/PPC/Analytics is mind-bogglingly huge. Each of these short forms represents a marketing function. The marketing food chain is so huge that there can never be a shortage of jobs. That is a guarantee. Yes, even after the rise of Artificial Intelligence.

No. There is no application fee.

Our Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing Course has 12 Certifications. Our Diploma in Digital Course has 6+ Certifications. However, that can be increased to 10+ Certifications on an add-on package basis.

Our Program is completely Blended. That means it’s Online and classroom at the same time. Are you utterly confused? Well, it is quite simple. We let you choose between Online and classroom. Or if you want both, you got it! 

Of course, you can. However, at IDCM, we do it in 9 Months with 6 Months of Paid Internship, 70 Tools and 100% Placement Assurance. Want to know more about how this course will work for you?

Book a Demo Class Today.

The short answer is No, and the longer answer is “NO”. Here’s three simple reasons why:

  • Self-Learning doesn’t guarantee results, unless it’s practical.
  • There is no way to check your knowledge or your performance.
  • You don’t have a time-boundation or a compulsion.

While, free digital marketing courses can do a lot, this advanced digital marketing course brings you exactly what you were lacking: A Structured Expert-Led Practical Learning Experience.

If you are looking to learn advanced digital marketing, you have to be aware of the basics first. That means you got to know, what to do when your Site starts displaying a wrong logo. Or for that matter, you should be well versed with the tips, techniques and tricks of SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing. If you haven’t figured it out yet, you need Practical Experience. And, as luck would have it, you get that from our Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing.

Passed your 10+2? That’s all we need from you for our Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing Course. This advanced digital marketing course is set to arm you with advanced digital marketing skills. So, come on down and take a look at our advanced digital marketing course syllabus.

The average cost of an an MBA in India ranges between ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 20,00,000. ( However, as you may already know, 20,000 won’t get you where you need to be, whereas 20 Lacs may not make up in ROI (Return on Investment). We aren’t saying that MBA’s don’t hold value. We are simply interested in One Really Simple Question:

What is the salary of MBA in digital marketing in India?

The answer may surprise you. It’s just INR 5 lacs per annum. Now compare that to the cost of doing one, and you will see the answer. The biggest eye-opener should be one fact: Doing an MBA will not guarantee Placement. Thus, we ask you: Which is Better? MBA or an Advanced Digital Marketing Course with 100% Placement Assurance?

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