Proloy Ghosh

Proloy Ghosh serves as the Head of Performance Marketing at ICA Edu Skills & IDCM, where he brings innovative strategies to promote digital presence and performance. He is an expert across the digital marketing spectrum, including: ▶️ SEO ▶️ Google Ads ▶️ Facebook Ads ▶️ LinkedIn Ads ▶️ Social Media Marketing ▶️ Email Marketing ▶️ CRM Management ▶️ Lead Generation Head over to his LinkedIn Profile

Career Options After Digital Marketing | Explained
By Proloy Ghosh   |   March 6, 2024

In a world where everything is going online, digital marketing has become the most demanding skill. Nowadays consumers are spending a lot of time on the internet forcing businesses to dive into the digital marketing field. The scenario increases the demand for digital marketing professionals and it opens many career options after digital marketing courses […]

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Learn About Influencer Marketing | Best Tips & Tricks 2023
By Proloy Ghosh   |   March 4, 2024

Influencer marketing plays a powerful role in the world of digital advertising. It is a process of collaborating with individuals who have established credibility, expertise, and a substantial following in a particular niche. These influencers are mainly the prominent figures on social media platforms. Table of Contents What is Influencer Marketing itself? Key drivers that […]

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Find Out The Best Digital Marketing Courses After 12th?
By Proloy Ghosh   |   April 23, 2022

Are you wondering to know about - what is Digital Marketing? Is there any way to learn digital marketing effectively...

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Best Social Media Courses – 2023
By Proloy Ghosh   |   April 20, 2022

An average of 3.9 billion people use social media users across all platforms. We all are comparatively addicted...

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Can An Online Digital Marketing Course Act As Your Safety Net?
By Proloy Ghosh   |   January 11, 2022

Imagine this—You have completed your graduation, and you are the precipice of the job world.....

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Stop Everything Else and Check out these Trendy Digital Marketing Jobs
By Proloy Ghosh   |   January 2, 2022

The digital universe has sort of hijacked our daily lifestyle. From checking on our Facebook accounts to placing....

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What is SEO & Why is it a Steroid for Digital Marketers?
By Proloy Ghosh   |   December 12, 2021

Search engine optimization (SEO) first originated in 1991 when the world’s first website- CERN was launched...

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Why Digital Marketing Jobs Are Almost Recession-Proof
By Proloy Ghosh   |   October 27, 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic continually claiming lives and keeping most nations including India shut down...

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