Best In-Depth Insights Of Content Marketing

In 2020, there are more than 500 million blogs and 1.6 billion websites! 
Even though the market is saturated, content marketing continues to generate more leads compared to other practices.

Content marketing is growing exponentially. It is one of the strongest marketing strategies that has been brewing competition among brands for the past 10 years.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing generates 6x Conversion Rates compared to other online marketing activities.

Content Marketing is the technique of getting your audience defined or create a more refined buyer persona using the strategic promotion of content.

Content marketing drives maximum brand value using valuable content that fits the search result of a relevant audience. Content is best applicable for website, social media, newsletter, blog promotion and all visual platforms. Today, you can easily take up content marketing training and produce exceptional content within months!

To excel as a content marketer, you need to have a knack for writing like brief messages and compelling call-outs. As you proceed with professional content marketing training, you will develop excellent communication skills, understand your audience and come up with awesome campaign ideas!

Remember, content is at the heart of every powerful digital marketing campaign.

Career Opportunities In Content Marketing

In 2021 there are more than 2 million job opportunities for content & digital marketers. The job site Indeed, Naukri, Monster listed more than 20,000 jobs in Content Marketing. This is your chance to explore a career in content marketing supported by placement, internship & global certifications.

After completing a content marketing course, you can expect a starting salary between 18000 to 28000 INR per month and goes up to 8-10 lakh per annum (subjected to experience and company position).

Content Marketing holds ample possibilities for learners, marketing enthusiasts, writers & even working professionals. An online/offline content marketing course will help you gather tactical knowledge and expand your skills required for exciting job roles in 2020 & beyond.

So, the question is, how should one implement content marketing? What are the best content marketing techniques to top your competitors? As a digital marketer, you might miss out on a lot of leads if you don’t leverage content marketing. In this article, I will try to compile 9 valuable ways to influence the content and drive conversions.

A Small Guide To Running A Successful Content Marketing Campaign!

Grammatical Error Is A Strict NO!

Grammarly Showing Grammatical Error

Having grammatical errors in your content makes your brand look unprofessional and drops your overall page ranking. When your potential customer spots a spelling or grammatical error on your page, it can make them uninterested even if you are providing an excellent service. Today there is a spell check on Google docs, WordPress, Docs and most writing platforms.

If you want to create authoritative results you must deliver flawless content with 0 errors.

But what if writing is not your area of expertise? Then, you should take help of content writing tools such as Grammar and EssayGeeks. It will correct the overall spelling and grammatical flaws from emails to blogs. However, if you have the resources, you can recruit an experienced writer with the necessary skills for quality content.

Actionable Content Is Relevant Content

How To Create Actionable Content

Understanding the customer is the #1 step of marketing. If you cannot acknowledge the customer’s pain point and deliver accordingly, your whole purpose might just be futile. And to truly publish content around your customer’s needs, you must make sure that it is actionable. How to do so? A. Through content, give your audience the specific steps to relate their problems B. Make sure you can use the content and deliver the same

Frame A Content Marketing Goal

Content Marketing Goal

A shocking statistic from CoSchedule says that 26% of digital marketers don’t have a content marketing goal. And those who do have one, only half of them are meeting their content goals. Before you roll out the content in the market, as yourself- will it take you closer to your company goals? If yes, move ahead, else don’t.

Create Content That Offers FREE Value

Scribd dashboard image

In recent times, bargaining for any goods and services is a natural trend. Anything “free” in the market attracts huge customers. Major brands use various promotional tactics to market their products and in turn, high-end customers pay them the money. In the same way, you can market high-tech information services and offer tools free of charge for better branding.

Content for Driving Leads into Sales Funnel
Conversation between panda and cat for driving sales

The most crucial facet of sales funnel is content marketing. The very initial stage involves reading the content, convincing the customers into clicking the “buy” option on the sales platform. Formulation of apt content plays the biggest role. The first step is to create awareness through specialized content. The content could be an infographic, blog post or in the format of a video. You must conceptualize the content in a way that the readers are interested to move to the next section. Your sales funnel must proceed in an optimized manner. For instance: Once you decide to provide premium content to the customers, you could ask the readers for their email address for the instant subscription. Your content must be enticing enough to reach through various strata of readers.

Long Form Content Performs Well

It is often noticed that long content materials get more readership from customers as well as Google. It is important to note that conversion rates increase with higher rankings on web portals. According to QuickSprout, testing landing pages with longer ones performed exceedingly well with more qualified leads.

Reasons why long-form content gains more views:

A. It captures attention.

B. Offers relevant information

C. Includes SEO optimization and multiple keywords

D. Increases authority score of websites

Understand Buyer Persona

Buyer Persona

The most important factor is to assess the target market and understand the demands of an ideal buyer. Misjudgements in this particular area often result in money, time and energy wastage. You must cater to the ideal buyers and keep a note of their demands and accordingly market your content, goods or services. All marketing strategies bank on the availability and accessibility to the target market.

Failing to understand your ideal target buyer (or buyer persona, as seen in the image below) is a serious mistake that will result in a lot of wasted energy, time and money.

Meta Headlines Optimization

“On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”David Ogilvy First and foremost, you need to prioritize your selection of headline for the post. It is a major step, as Click-through rate (CTR) is a crucial ranking spot. Google keeps check on clicking rate and then rewards rankings. Headline optimization will help to attract more viewers/readers. Thus, it is mandatory to formulate catchy headlines along with the content.

It is advisable to include the main keyword in the Headline for users’ accessibility before web directory.

End with A Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

Call To Action Words

CTAs are important because people are likely to take action when you directly ask them to. To gain more followers and likes on your social media, put a CTA for page likes. If you want more channel subscription, come up with a strong call-to-action that inspires sign-ups.

#Effective CTA Hack- Let users know what’s in it for them!

Besides these, you can try guest posting, exclusive email content, maintain a content calendar, market upgradation, blog sharing, influencer connections, content analytics and omnichannel marketing to successfully promote your content.

Content management tools to bank on

  • WordPress – editorial calendar
  • CoSchedule – editorial calendar
  • Asana – project management and editorial calendar
  • Trello – project management tool
  • MeetEdgar – social media post scheduler
  • Buffer – social media automation tool

Today, 70% – 80% of marketers of the industry are investing in content creation for various marketing solutions.

Content is much more than just words that fill up your web pages. Content is the way of stating the business value and building confidence amongst your audience and clients.

It not only makes everyone aware of your what-and-how’s but also generates traffic for your website-in turn maximizing the impact of your product(s)/service(s). Content marketing made drastic changes to the way we see, interact and believe. And, the explosive growth of content is not stopping anytime soon.

3 reasons why you should consider content marketing as a top priority for your business.

Increased Brand Visibility
  • Marketing your content will build brand awareness through new and targeted audiences at a very less to no cost.
  • When done correctly, (which I have listed below) Content Marketing can bring sensations and increase traffic to your website.
  • Through content, you can create a brand identity which people can easily relate to and opt for similar services/products from your website.
  • There are 4 strong forms of content that marketers are nurturing. Text, Image, Voice and Video-based content. Out of these, video content is the most preferred technique of aligning brand facilities with user interest. This way, you are more likely to get website views and users will avail support from your business.
Link Building Advantage
  • When you create great content, it makes other websites want to link to your website. It gives you an opening where many small to large brands connect with your website and social media channels making a win-win situation.
  • Your website can quickly get huge traffic depending on the sites linked with your content.
Backlinking your content will
  1. Increase the website’s rank.
  2. Get you a high Domain Authority (DA) score
  3. Increase your Page Authority PA score
  4. Numerous people will visit your website

#1 Digital Marketing Solution

  • SEO (search engine optimization) is an integral part of digital marketing and the 1st requirement of SEO is Keyword. The keyword is a part of content which shows up in blogs, articles, web content, social media content, video description and increases your search result against that keyword.
  • Likewise, image and video are contents that need marketing across all social media platforms. One can go for optimized text content for better search ranking.
  • Also, search engine algorithms are ever-changing but the content is a constant.

Remember, your content needs to be channel-specific and need not to be posted EVERYWHERE. It’s wiser to focus your talent and energy on particular social media platforms for increased results. Also, keep an eye on the content that competitors are using to promote similar services.

Content marketing is evergreen. You can ensure a successful content campaign by leveraging innovative tactics, A/B testing of various content and setting strong content marketing objectives.

There are plenty of job opportunities for content marketers who have the right skills to make it big in digital marketing.

It’s high time you consider getting trained from a well-reputed content marketing institute accompanied by real-time interactive training, professional certification and industry-best faculty. Change the course of your future and become digital-ready by hands-on training.

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