Top 10 Digital Marketing Modules
By Priyanka Kumari   |   September 9, 2022

Digital Marketing is promoting your brand through digital channels such as video, display ads...

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Top Digital Marketing Institutes in Kolkata with Placement Opportunities
By Priyanka Kumari   |   April 25, 2022

Searching for a digital marketing course? Or, Want a career in the digital domain....

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Email Marketing Plan: Building Your Blueprint for Success
By Priyanka Kumari   |   February 18, 2022

Email marketing is seemingly the most trusted way for forward-thinking organizations looking to make an impact. ..

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Digital Marketing vs MBA : Decoding Career Paths
By Priyanka Kumari   |   December 20, 2021

Every Graduate or an aspiring corporate professional consider pursuing MBA atleast once in a lifetime....

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business
By Priyanka Kumari   |   November 14, 2021

From AAPflix campaign to video marketing - AAP has left no stone unturned to grab the eyeballs of their...

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Content Marketing Decoded: A Blueprint for Online Influence
By Priyanka Kumari   |   October 27, 2021

Content marketing is growing exponentially. It is one of the strongest marketing strategies.

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