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Go From Beginner to Advanced With IDCM Chowringhee, Kolkata’s Best Advanced Digital Marketing Training Institute. Ranked #1 by Students, Professionals and Experts Alike. Get: ↗ 100% Assurance of Placement 6 Months Paid Internship (For Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing) ⭐Industry Experts as Faculty 👌 Hands-On Training 💻 Flexible Learning 🧰 70+ Digital Automation Tools 🧩 […]
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IDCM Chowringhee has been ranked as the best Digital Marketing training centers in Kolkata by our students. This IDCM center offers 100% placement assurance based Diploma courses that cover the complete modules of Digital Marketing. Learn and Earn at your own pace with our specialized courses on complete Digital Marketing Pathways with Full Placement Assurance and Paid Internships at IDCM Chowringhee. Bump up your career with courses that range between 90 Days to 9 Months. We also offer short term specialized courses in Digital Marketing that can be finished as fast as 90 Days along with Advanced Courses in Digital Marketing. IDCM is a sub-venture of ICA Edu Skills and offers various courses for the needs and requirements of all types of learners/professionals/entrepreneurs. For more details about IDCM, click here! For more details about IDCM, click here!

  • IDCM’s 100% Job Assurance Digital Marketing Diploma Course is an all-in-one Six(6) Months Classroom /Online Course.
  • All topics of advanced digital marketing training institute are covered in this Diploma Course with 15 Modules that combine Digital Academics with Practical.
  • This is an ideal course for students/working professionals/ business owners/entrepreneurs/freelancers who want to drive their learning with their earning.
  • Our Diploma course features 6+ Global Certifications with a 3 Month Internship for anyone over the age of 18(10+2). To know more ping us.
  • Don’t have the time for a full course on Digital Marketing?
  • Then, we have the fastest professional course that can be finished in 90 Days.
  • Develop full and real expertise on every broad aspect of Digital Marketing.
  • Our Certification in Digital Marketing Course is for Working Professionals/Techies/Anyone who wants to cover the basics of Best online digital marketing course with Hands-On-Training.
  • Learn the “How-To”, “What-To-Do” and the “To-Do” while building ground-breaking Digital Marketing Plans for SEO, PPC, SMM & Website Building!
  • The topics covered include the Fundamentals, Framework and Constituents of Digital Marketing including SEO, Web Content Marketing, Search Display Advertising, and more. . .
100% Guaranteed Placement
Regular Seminars and Grooming sessions
Expert Digital Merketing Faculty
Practical Training
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Frequently Ask Questions

Live Sessions. classroom Sessions. Blended Sessions. Choose the one that you like! That is what you get. Hands-on Training is given in each of our sessions. As the tale of courses goes—any practical requires a theory first. Our pedagogy follows in the same footsteps. (There is a secret too, but that we can only tell in person) Once all theory classes are complete. Assignments are given out based on simulations. That, in summation, is your way of getting hands-on expertise!

In one digital hour, a failure in one Google Server can bring the world to a halt. India has more mobile phones than toilets. That is a fact. Each segment of SEO/PPC/Analytics is mind-bogglingly huge. Each of these short forms represents a marketing function. The marketing food chain is so huge that there can never be a shortage of jobs. That is a guarantee. Yes, even after the rise of Artificial Intelligence.

No. There is no application fee.

Our Program is completely Blended. That means it’s Online and classroom at the same time. Are you utterly confused? Well, it is quite simple. We let you choose between Online and classroom. Or if you want both, you got it! 

The short answer is No, and the longer answer is “NO”. Here’s three simple reasons why:

  • Self-Learning doesn’t guarantee results, unless it’s practical.
  • There is no way to check your knowledge or your performance.
  • You don’t have a time-boundation or a compulsion.

While, free digital marketing courses can do a lot, this advanced digital marketing course brings you exactly what you were lacking: A Structured Expert-Led Practical Learning Experience.

Yes, without any doubt. Although, you will need a Computer Device & a Stable Internet Connection. IDCM’s Digital Marketing Courses feature Blended Learning. “What is Blended Learning?” In short, this is how we do it:

  • All the Rocksolid Modules are taught via Live Video lectures.
  • Live Webinars & Mentoring Sessions from Industry Experts.
  • Live 1-on-1 Training & Mentoring through Online Meeting Platforms.
  • Classroom Batches are kept available.
  • Exams are held both Online & in the classroom.
  • All Recordings of Sessions & Webinars are made available to you.

You can join our Classroom Mode if you don’t like Online Learning. Either way, we make sure you become a whole Digital Marketer. That too with integrated foundations on all the paths of digital marketing.

Of course, you can. However, at IDCM, we do it in 9 Months with 6 Months of Paid Internship, 70 Tools and 100% Placement Assurance. Want to know more about how this course will work for you?

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The average cost of an an MBA in India ranges between ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 20,00,000. (Shiksha.com) However, as you may already know, 20,000 won’t get you where you need to be, whereas 20 Lacs may not make up in ROI (Return on Investment). We aren’t saying that MBA’s don’t hold value. We are simply interested in One Really Simple Question:

What is the salary of MBA in digital marketing in India?

The answer may surprise you. It’s just INR 5 lacs per annum. Now compare that to the cost of doing one, and you will see the answer. The biggest eye-opener should be one fact: Doing an MBA will not guarantee Placement. Thus, we ask you: Which is Better? MBA or an Advanced Digital Marketing Course with 100% Placement Assurance?

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