If You Have These 10 Qualities, You’ll Rock As A Social Media Marketer

Unless you’ve been in hibernation or sleeping since the Industrial Revolution, there is a pretty rare chance that you’re completely unaware about what social media is. Yes, you got it right. Apart from being online interactive platforms where you can post best of your pics and videos to get it liked, shared or commented within seconds, social media has opened a myriad of job opportunities. One out of the lot is the role of a Social Media Manager.

Before you start, you must first understand what social media marketing is. Simply put, it’s the strategic technique of marketing tangible and non-tangible content using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. If you have these qualities, then social media marketing should be your go-to profession.

  • Passion for constant learning

Learning is unending and hence a social media manager needs to stay updated with the latest technologies, tips and tricks and get accustomed to new tools, apps and media that are evolving. They must be a thorough reader and get themselves subscribed to the latest feeds and blogs. They must be confident about the fact that although social media is constantly changing, they don’t need to follow the crowd. Instead, they should take time and grab every opportunity that comes in their way and openly engage with people to make their voices heard.

  • Friendly and Responsive

Social media managers are well conversational and they should be able to speak and interact with all sorts of users, indispensable of their background. They should be energetic and highly attentive to the community as well as being timely in their responses to comments and questionnaires.

  • Exciting and Passionate

Excitement is endemic! They should always strive to fulfil their passion at any cost and instil a surge of excitement to the community at large. Social media managers are effective thinkers and they love the job they do and it is evident through their communications.  They must constantly keep people excited about something (or, the brand) through eye-catching social media stuff.

  • Experience in online/digital communication

Experienced people always seem to stand out from the crowd and thus it’s wiser for the company to hire social media managers with a proven track record of success. At least 2 years of experience plays the key because handling online campaigns for an inexperienced person is too cumbersome. Companies trust experienced people (preferably who have pursued any of the certified social media marketing courses) for managing their brands.

  • Thick-skinned!

If there is a quality of a social media manager which is of supreme importance, then this is it. Since it’s a long road to social media success, it’s quite hard and time taking for a brand to become a center of attraction. You’ll make mistakes at first, but you are guaranteed to improve if you can stay calm under pressure, realizing not everything is an emergency. A successful social media manager must be goal oriented and keep themselves aloof from anyone or anything that can divert their attention or target.

  • Analytical skills and Adaptability

Although social media has become an intangible “MUST” for each and every brand, a good social media manager must realize that it’s not EVERYTHING. Social media should always be a part of the marketing mix along with other branding activities Also, a social media manager must learn to adapt to situations in a moment’s notice as and when necessary.

  • Understanding people’s thought process

The success of social media marketing lies in finding emotional connections with people and a social media manager should be able to do that. They should have a clear understanding of how people think, not through physical touches but by making out a true story via their comments and replies.

Sense of Humour

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people”-Humour is an effective way to get closer to your audience that keeps them on the edge of their seat. Humour refines a brand. In social media, companies invest hugely to come closer to their prospects. So, if your sense of humour is outrageous, you RULE!

  • Insomniacs!

Yeah, you read it right! But relax, don’t freak out. Being an insomniac doesn’t always mean that you need to do away with your valuable sleep time. Instead, you have to break free from the traditional 9-5 job hours, probably be a caffeine addict, and learn the ability to manage your time better than most people. Remember, social media never sleeps!  What are you waiting for? NOW is the time to buckle up and upgrade to social media marketing course that train you like a pro. Go for classroom training to gain practical knowledge and amp up your chances to work with the biggest brands.

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