The Groundbreaking Roadmap To Internet Marketing in India

Internet usage in India is breaking all records as we approach 2022. The total number of internet users in India surpassed 560 Million in 2020. It is expected that the total number of internet users will cross 900 million active users by 2025! So, how do you fit internet marketing into a country with over 121 different languages?

The short answer is: you do it with full steam! The longer and the more accurate answer is understanding what internet marketing is, and how it fits into the Indian Landscape.

Internet marketing is essentially reaching out to people through the digital medium in a myriad of ways including:

Internet marketing is another term for marketing products and services online. As we mentioned above, there may be a variety of methods and techniques across various platforms to reach audiences. The goal is to build and cultivate customers. 

What Is Internet Marketing & Why Do You Need It In India?

Internet marketing is a term that refers to a cluster of techniques used to reach and sell products and services online through various digital platforms, tools, and content delivery systems like:

  • Email
  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Search Engines 
  • Video Platforms
  • Online Advertising

While it may seem that internet marketing’s only purpose is to sell products and services, a brand may use internet marketing techniques to not only sell but also engage in brand-building strategies! 

Brand building internet marketing techniques may include:

  1. Communicating a message about the brand 
  2. Conducting Research to discover target markets and audiences. 
  3. Understanding a market segment’s wants and needs. 
  4. Cultivate relationships with customers 
  5. Manage reputation within customers and industries.

What Is Internet Marketing Explained?

In the most basic way, Internet marketing enables a brand or business to connect with a customer across the internet based on that customer’s activity. What changes are the types of internet marketing a business will employ!

Thus, it all depends on the type of product/service, business size, customer behavior, budget and many other factors. 

Although, in general, internet marketing will allow consumers to: 

  • Find businesses online
  • Learn about that business’s location and contact information
  • Discover their products or services
  • Sign up for their email newsletters and more
  • Contact them and make purchases

What Are Internet Marketing Examples? (Illustrated In Detail)

Imagine you are a business owner. To get your business to your customers, you need to ensure that your customers can find you!

So, how do you do that? There are a variety of ways like:

  • Advertising through social media or pay per click advertising on search engines
  • Using Search Engine Optimization to get your business to rank
  • Advertising locally through leaflets and banners

Although, the problem with the third step begins with tracking the effectiveness of the physical advertisements. When it comes to online advertising and SEO, you can track what is happening in real-time. That is basically what internet marketing is. You build websites that reach, convert and sell to customers! 

To do that, you may need to:

  • Update or Build a Rich User Experience Website
  • Create Relevant Content For Your Audience
  • Optimize for Keywords
  • Build Landing Pages for PPC Ads
  • Create and Maintain Social Media Pages
What is the role of Internet marketing in India?

Internet marketing has the potential to break ground in India as customers respond better to combined digital and traditional marketing efforts. In simple terms, a lot of big brands like Zomato, Uber, Ola and others are taking advantage of online marketing in India. 

The best example of the mixture of traditional marketing with internet marketing is Cred. Remember the hilarious Cred Advertisements you may have seen as an Ad? 

What you see above is a simple call to action. So, what does that mean?

It means the geniuses at Cred are using digital advertisements with physical ads to get the most out of their campaigns!

Online marketing in India has the capacity to cut through the noise and deliver to the audiences at the right time and place. 

Although, this leads to an even bigger dilemma! Only about 10% of the Indian population speaks English!

How can I use Internet marketing in India?

The trick is deceptively simple. Once you figure out how to reach people uniquely, you will successfully be able to use internet marketing in India! 

The language barrier is the first barrier to cross when it comes to online marketing in India! 

The user database in India comes as a great advantage when it comes to internet marketing

Although, the key is in finding the correct audience for the right product/service. Once you figure out a way to do that, online marketing becomes extremely easy. 

The best way to usemarketing in India is to mix it with the traditional medium. Only then can you maximize your impressions. 

In simpler terms, you reach a person online through SEO/PPC/Social Media Marketing. Either way, once they have engaged with your website, all that remains is creating an impression through physical advertising. 

Although that works in a strictly local setting, the replacement of physical advertising can be email and app advertising! 

The ultimate goal of all advertising is to create an impression and sell! 

Thus, this raises the question, is there an advantage to internet advertising in India?

What is the advantage of Internet marketing in India?

As we said, physical advertising might work. But they are all insanely expensive. 

The bus billboards, leaflets, radio ads, television commercials are all extremely expensive to maintain and procure. 

The worst part is that you don’t know if that works. Internet advertising on the other hand has a  more educated audience at the helm. 

In simpler terms, you may not know who’s seeing your advertisement in a physical setting. Although, a single impression/view of your advertisement on the internet means that the person who saw it might have been educated enough to understand it. 

People in India are still on the internet with the intent to amass information, and whoever brings that value to the audience will inevitably have the upper hand. This is how you create an advantage through internet marketing in India! 

So, do you want the best way to do your marketing right? Well, go no further, know more!


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