We Surveyed 25+ Batches Of Our Digital Marketing Courses: Here’s What We Learned


Did you know? You don’t need an MBA Degree to work as a Digital Marketer. At least, that is what anyone can understand after taking one look at the job portals like Naukri, Monster.com, and many others. A huge chunk of openings does not require an MBA degree. Although, what they do require is relevant experience. Digital Marketing Courses help you get just that, and that is an assurance we can give from our analysis of 25+ Batches. 

Our range of students includes students as well as working professionals, and entrepreneurs. We even have Professionals who are Students themselves. These were the key learnings we were able to gather from our analysis:

  • An MBA Degree is not a must-have for a Career in Digital Marketing.
  • Students pursuing an MBA often look for the best online digital marketing courses because their course curriculum isn’t enough.
  • Learnings learned in Colleges through Traditional Education end up having zero applicability in terms of careers. 
  • There is a huge Skill Gap that exists in India, and this results in over 80% of the youth being unemployed.  

How does that translate? Well, the answer lies in the next paragraph. In this article, we make you aware of the ways of making an earning out of Digital Marketing, and how Courses in Digital Marketing are the first flight of stairs.

What Everybody Should Know Before Pursuing Digital Marketing Courses

Before we start earning, you should be aware of a few facts before starting a digital marketing course online. These are more of everyday happenings than they are facts.

  • Have you ever noticed that the number of advertisements you see in your Instagram stories doesn’t seem like advertisements anymore? 
  • Every video you play on Facebook has an advertisement at the peak point.
  • The hashtags you follow are directly connected to monetary values on a global scale. 
  • You as a consumer are a part of an audience, and you might not even be aware of it.

As a digital marketer, this means that you have to be incredibly precise and accurate about your steps everywhere. Social Media is simply a portion of the Digital Universe, and we are leaving the rest of it out. Social Media Marketing is now at the forefront of Digital Branding. 

Did you know that?

Although there is no such thing as minimum eligibility as a Digital Marketer, you have to be a master of all trades. However, a master’s degree will not ensure that. A Digital Marketing Course will. 

5 Ways To Make Digital Marketing Courses Work For Your Career Without Having To Pursue An MBA Degree 

To become a Freelancer and a Professional at the same time, you need to ensure that you know and test what you have learned as a Digital Marketer. Whether it’s building a website or optimizing your website for conversion, you will need proof and skills. The certification that is best for digital marketing is the one that will enable you to: 

  • Build a Personal Brand with Learning
  • Work at Internships to gain Experience and Income as Students
  • Freelance on Fiverr, Upwork, and others
  • Monetize Self Projects with Skills on PPC, SEO, and SMO 
  • Generate Career Growth through Placement Assurance

If you are looking for the best online digital marketing courses with certificates by Google and global giants then, check out our diploma in digital marketing course! (We have a goodie for you)

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