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The digital marketing industry is seemingly the most dynamic, and hence ever changing. That is precisely why brands and digital marketers alike need to evolve.

It’s even more important when you have a startup business, and as such any doing that makes you take a backseat to your competition is never a wise call. So, the question is what’s the best way to help determine changes across the industry? 

Any institute of digital marketing would have the answer as staying abreast of the latest trends and happenings. In this post, we take a look at 3 must know digital marketing statistics that can help shape your marketing strategy in 2022. 

Read on!

The rate of online interactions that begin in search engines is well over 90%

With Google witnessing no less than 77,000 searches each second (that’s 2 trillion searches generated in 365 days), investing in SEO is far more important than anything else. 

As your brand ranks higher across the SERPS, you will invariably do away from spending huge on other modes of promotion. 

And what is the best way to generate more organic traffic ? 

You’ve guessed it right ! Creating functional SEO optimized content (content is still the king). More than seventy percent of online marketers are known to consider high-quality content creation as one of the primary requisites of SEO tactics.

Personalized emails deliver transactional rates that are up to 6 times higher than non-personalized emails.

Any come-of-age institute of digital marketing is of the opinion that as a business owner,  while encountering a whole lot of different customers belonging to different demographics, you will need to depend on personalized emails and not generic ones.

98% of sales reps are known to reach their quotas via social selling

With sales techniques evolving each day, meeting changing demands of consumers can be a hardball game to play. Thus, as a sales rep, you can use social media to your advantage. Research studies reveal how almost 98% of sales representatives with no less than 5,000 LinkedIn connections has been able to exceed their quota 

51% of consumers claim using their smartphones to look for new brands 

Are you a new brand on the block?  Not sure which way to direct your advertising campaigns?

Fret not ! 

Your focus should be mobile ads. 

In a marketing survey by a leading institute of digital marketing, it was found that more than 50 percent of consumers use their smartphones to browse for new brands offering similar products to their liking. Hence, investing in mobile ads invariably can deliver the positive impact you are looking for your new band. 


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