Confirming What You Knew About Diploma Certification All Along


You might have read somewhere that a diploma certification is useless. Although, you felt that Are they right or wrong? However, you might not know the difference between a diploma and a certificate in India. What difference does this piece of rolled-up paper make? Well, we will tell you all about diploma certification and what you knew about it all along!

But first, why did diplomas come up in the first place?

What is a Diploma Qualification?

Diplomas exist because they define specialization in a certain field. That means anyone having a diploma in digital marketing is the equivalent of a digital marketing professional. In some places, people consider a diploma as a degree. In India, there are diploma engineers in existence. Thus, it is apparent that diploma certifications are inherently useful.

Why do Diploma Certifications exist?

  • They are shorter than a full bachelor degree course and are highly specific.
  • The learning is not lesser. Instead, it is highly specialized in nature. 
  • A diploma certificate means hands-on experience mixed with learning. 
  • A diploma certification can be generally completed in a short period.
  • Diplomas do not have pre-qualification criteria for entrance.
  • Diplomas are generally quite flexible in terms of learning
  • Diplomas have internships on offer in general. 

If you are confused by what we meant to say here, then read the below line.

Diplomas exist because they are better, easier and as valuable as a full-time degree. 

So, you might have a few questions like:

When should you take a Diploma Certification?

A diploma certificate can be gained online. Although you should keep the difference between a certificate vs degree salary in mind. A certificate is valuable but not as much as a diploma certificate. In the battle between a diploma vs certificate, a diploma wins. Why? 

Solely because a certificate will rarely test learning or provide training. Moreover, a certificate is handed out with a simple test or once all course materials are over. However, is that ideal for you? 

No, not in the slightest degree. However, when it comes to a diploma, every point falls in favour of the diploma certificate. Why? One word: Hands-On Training.

Although in a battle between diploma vs degree or a graduate certificate vs diploma, diploma wins! Why? Think about it. A Diploma is higher than a certificate, yet all the required skills for a certain field are taught in a diploma. 

Thus, a diploma certification is always a good option even if you are a:

  • 10+2 Student
  • Graduate Student
  • Post Graduate Student
  • Working Professional 

A diploma course always comes in handy and the right diploma course can help you start your career. 

So, are you looking for the best diploma course to start your career? Go no further for we have a diploma in digital marketing course with 100% job guarantee with 3 Months of Paid Internship.

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