Top 3 Most Vital Digital Marketing Training Predictions of 2023

Come new year, and there’s always a new interest garnering across digital marketing trends. 

This year ain’t no different.

With the endemic still a far cry, the marketing budget has generated downward pressure all over, which means marketers are now gearing up to make the most of opportunities with techniques that are cost-effective. 

According to the Gartner State of marketing budget report, marketing budgets globally have witnessed their biggest low ever, dropping well over to 6.4% of company revenues where it used to be at 11 percent in 2020. Such budget cuts are pretty consistent all throughout, barring a few industries that include financial services, consumer brands, and healthcare that have had profitable figures on board. 

Having said that, 2022 is definitely going to be a critical year with e-commerce at full pace and newer developments underway. Sure there’s a great deal of uncertainty across markets but it’s for sure that data privacy is seemingly going to be the topmost priority this year. In fact, digital marketing training is now open towards adopting new modules where aspirants can start working from Day 1 long before they have mastered concepts. 

In this post, we mull over three vital predictions that are going to shape up digital marketing in 2022. 

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Addressability is the keyword 

With hashed emails and first party cookies continuing to drive value to marketers, user data is increasingly being shared, stored and reused in a way that is respectful and compliant. 

However, a large part of the industry is still not there. Google has plans to end all third-party cookie support for Chrome which means the addressable targeting is going to affect all of us a lot sooner.  For marketers, it’s going to be a moment of scramble as there’s no single pre-defined solution for addressability. Thus, 2022, by all means is going to be a year where marketers will be putting a range of strategies to test and determine which one works best for their customers and the brands in tandem. Criteo 2021 research report has already revealed how no less than forty percent marketers already have their tests in place or are slotted for new testing methods. 

Also, solution approaches like contextual are making a strong comeback. Although it shies away from offering 1:1 addressability, it does provide creative and relevant contextual signals and keywords from a certain website upon consumer visits. 

No wonder, digital marketing training is increasingly turning competitive as newer approaches are being unraveled each day. 

Retail media to affect profitability figures  

The Ecommerce industry is already up by 54 percent from 2021, and as 2022 matures, retailers will continue to witness a push in online sales.

Forrester reports how advertising that is brand-sponsored within eCommerce sites and apps is predicted to top no less than $50 billion for global revenue in 2022. 

Reportedly, the figures will surpass the combined revenue of media giants, the likes of YouTube and Netflix put together. On the other hand, we already have Amazon taking the lead in retail media, which means more and more sophisticated solutions are finding their way across retail media networks with rich data. 

Simply put, every brick and mortar business is now ecommerce, and certainly accounts for cent percent growth. Retail media as predicted is going to drive millions through retailer monetization– more so because of first party data which stands at the center of sustainable growth and addressability on a long term basis. 

Ad-based streaming services on a rise 

Criteo’s report reveals how the market is increasingly turning towards video ads.
Over fifty percent of their market in consideration (which is Australia in this case) shows a happy score with video streaming advertising, and certainly so for the rest of the world.

And that’s not all!

One out of five Australians are progressively willing to share their data with advertisers  hoping it would present before more personalized video ads. Undeniably, the thrust is towards on-demand, convenient entertainment options like OTT, and CTV services, which is currently enjoying the lion’s share in comparison to free to air television. 

Thus, it is predicted that a significant chunk of advertising budget will be invested alone towards video formats, courtesy the mix of ad support videos and subscription based offerings. Statista has also come ahead with their prediction that global spending on video advertising will reach an impressive figure of USD2,456m by the end of 2022. 

Wrap Up 

Undoubtedly, 2022 is all slotted to witness a sea of transformations as a large number of brands seek to embrace newer changes along the way. It is pertinent that brands are all up to prepare for an addressable future where they are looking to invest in solutions that are full-proof, including first party data integration across a slew of marketing approaches like contextual advertising, retail media as well as video streaming. 

When done right, there would be no stopping these brands from coming out on top. 

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