Hit the Bullseye with No-Nonsense Digital Marketing Online Training

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a Digital Marketer in possession of multiple Certificates must be in want of a job. First, though, what makes a proper Digital Marketer? Have you heard something like this— Surely, you can’t become a Complete Digital Marketer if you do not have:

  • 500 Certifications
  • 3 MBA Degrees
  • A PhD. in Literature
  • 20 Years of Experience

Yet, all you have are a few Online Certifications! These over-exaggerations were made to show you nothing matters except—solid digital marketing online training. We will give you 5 pressing reasons.

The Ghost of Online Digital Marketing Courses Past

Online Courses are Dead. Long Live Online Courses(not)!  There, we said it. “How dare you?” you exclaim! Let us take a wild guess! You are here because you now know—Online Courses do not teach you nearly enough. Especially when it comes to a digital marketing course online in India. Surely we must be wrong? 

We aren’t saying this because we are trying to make a sale. Above all, we are trying to make you think. Imagine this: You are a person who did not know anything about Digital Marketing up until you took an Online Digital Marketing Course. Here are a few things you may have done during the period of your course:

  • You read up on a brick-ton of articles and videos.
  • Communicated with Industry Professionals.
  • Followed YouTube Maverick on Digital Marketing Techniques.
  • Just did the course material and assignments. 
  • Gave the exams and went ahead with the Certification.

As a result of your hard-earned Certifications, you felt confident enough to start applying for jobs. Sounds good so far, right? In our years of existence, we have seen over 2,00,000+ Students, and a sizeable chunk of them came to us because they needed:

  • Core Marketing Techniques
  • Unified Theory Modules on SEO, SMM, Email Marketing
  • Building Blocks to Projects
  • In-Depth Doubt Clearing
  • Training on PPC 
  • Live Training
  • Simulated Analytics Learning & Project Building
  • An Internship
  • A Job

Digital Marketing Online Training-Becoming Industry-Ready 

The Right Training can make you a Rocket Scientist and a Digital Marketer at the same time! If you say it isn’t possible, we will say—the latter can be true. The Right Institute will ensure that you are industry-ready. 

Scenario: You might have seen that there are kick-ass openings. Although, you never find yourself getting placed. Everywhere the blockades remain the same:

  • The Experience Block
  • The Learning Block
  • The Learning Block

Certifications don’t cut it anymore. To ensure that you get that, you need an Institute-based Online Digital Marketing Course

SEO Training for the times When (Almost) Everyone Gets It Wrong

Everything is content, and SEO is the kingdom. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is used to rank first on a Search Engine Results Page. Although, it involves many underlying theories. We won’t dive into the deep end, but it is all about understanding Search Engines. Many courses have boiled down SEO to a checklist. Although, that will not do. What?

Unfortunately, yes, from a Marketer’s view, Digital Marketing isn’t a vehicle that goes forward. It’s more of a rollercoaster on a boat. From drafting content that works to quality checking it— SEO is essential to it all. It is easy to get lost, and thus a proper strategy is needed. SEO Training does just that!

PPC Certification: Is it enough?

The best way to lose money is: Run an incomplete campaign. Choose the wrong keyword, and you will lose money faster than you can count. Thus, what we ask of you is this? Do you want to be answerable if your ads don’t bring any business?

The right way to avoid that scenario is to choose the perfect PPC Training. Again, PPC or Pay per Click Marketing is more than a few videos! From buying ads to choosing Negative Keywords, the need for expertise increases. It’s a process where you lose money for the mistakes you make. We will talk more about PPC in the next point.

Analytics-Dominating the Digital Junction

You need to understand why you are doing that! Let us tell you how you can lose more money by:

  • Not Understanding your unique KPI(s).
  • Misidentifying your Audience.
  • Becoming a Salesperson.

Digital Marketing isn’t a single strategy. There are a lot of factors behind one successful Digital Marketing campaign. In a single campaign, all elements fall together. By all elements, we mean:

  • Ironclad & Fail-Proof SEO Strategy
  • Breathtaking SMM- Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Whatsapp
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Mobile Marketing – SMS Marketing
  • Content Marketing

This is just half of one campaign. We haven’t even started on the methods of each step. This is why you need a training course. There are free online digital marketing courses with certificates from Google. Although, they aren’t enough.

The ingredients to a proper digital marketing course are no secret. Although, we will tell you a few covert ingredients. Covert Ingredients? For what?

Covert Ingredients of a VFM Digital Marketing Online Training (Ssh! It will be our little secret)

We don’t do complex words and terms. They seek to confuse you. The Goal is to Help you run the Digital Show. Be it running campaigns or up selling your brand, a digital marketing course should help you by giving you:

  • Recognised Global Certifications
  • Master 50+ Digital Marketing Tools
  • Content Marketing Training
  • 10+ Live Projects
  • Paid Internship Programs
  • Job Assurances
  • Simulated Marketing Scenarios
  • Videos, E-Books & Articles
  • Advanced Analytics & Project Management Tools
  • Core Learning on Customer Relationship Management
  • Live Chat Automation Tools
  • Interactive industry training
  • Free Entry to International Webinars 

By the end, you should understand which Strategies you should use when facing real-life Scenarios. An Internship will help you take your learning on a test drive and get paid! The end goal is sweeter than ever. What’s that? One Word- Placement.


1. Can digital marketing be learned online?

Yes, but only with the help of instructors and counselors. An instructor will deepen your learning experience. The right combination of videos, e-books, blogs can help in digesting the core strategies. From making ironclad SEO Articles to running perfect ads, there is a volley of things to be learnt.

While a counsellor helps you change job roles and find the right field for you. A counselor in an online course can help you find the perfect digital niche you fit into. 


2. Can I learn free digital marketing?

Of course, you can! There are a lot of offerings that will give you an idea of what digital marketing is. Although, the core concepts of marketing are not taught. It’s all touch and no go! Ultimately, a good digital marketing course should enable you to run campaigns independently!

Over 6000+ of our students, all of whom are employed in jobs, love us. They chose us because we gave them everything we talked about in this article including:

  • Industry Professionals as Instructors
  • NSDC Certificate & Skill India Scheme Authority

The Digital Marketplace for Jobs is booming! Although, we will leave you with a thought:

All Digital Marketers are Marketers. Although, all Marketers are not Digital Marketers. Therefore, what makes you a Digital Marketer?

Enrol today in our Diploma Course, and we promise we will make you one. (That too with a job) 


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