Kickstart your Career in Digital Marketing with these Simple Steps

Almost every company or business nowadays counts on the power of Digital Marketing to reach their customers in a more flexible cost-effective way. To quote the well-known marketing tagline of Reliance Mobiles, “Karlo Duniya Mutthi Mein”, it’s now very obvious that if you have a smartphone in your palm, you possess the whole world in it! So, instead of spending loads of capital on billboards, banners, and TV commercials, isn’t it always a better idea to run ads on social media or other digital platforms instead?

Do you want a career in a highly growing industry in which skilled professionals work dedicatedly towards something?

A career in the most diverse industry where an IT team, creative pros, and analysts work together for a single project?

A career that offers in-house, outsourcing, as well as freelancing or business opportunities?

Then getting a legit digital marketing certificate is the only way to expose yourself to a myriad of opportunities!

Digital Marketing Career Checklist

Here are some simple steps that you might want to consider in your checklist to start your dream career in Digital Marketing:

Be found ONLINE

These days, if you are targeting a start-up or even an MNC, your online presence matters the most. Build your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles rock-solid so that it impresses potential employers that makes you automatically stand out from the crowd. If you aren’t found online, you might as well not exist!

Create your own blogs and websites and link them with the social media accounts that you have. Show the employers what you are really capable of.

Create a STUNNING Resume

A Resume speaks for you, thus you need to tailor it with utmost perfection, showcasing the various skill-sets that you possess. Do not limit yourself to the traditional resume format, instead flaunt your creativity in building one if you are willing to work in a creative industry like Digital Marketing.

Flaunt your CREATIVITY

The more creative you are, the more are the chances of landing yourself to the dream job in Digital Marketing. If you have an idea that you think might work, go on and give it a try. Being a creative person, you must learn to take risks, accept failures and start from scratch again. Digital Marketing really allows you to fire up your creativity. Though there are some predefined standards and limitations, your uniqueness is always welcomed.

Build a rich physical NETWORK

If you are good at networking with people, then you already own a bigger part! Because it’s important to create a physical network all over the world so that they not only remember you but also give you valuable connections that might advance your career as a digital marketing professional. Some may give you the names of best institutes to study digital marketing or some others may provide you with a job lead.


An experienced professional is always preferred over non-experienced peers. Try to get some internships with a renowned company and uplift your knowledge and experiences that are highly sought for in a Digital Marketing professional. These internships may be unpaid, but don’t worry, the real game is yet to begin!

Say YES to anything!

As a fresher, you might not always get a true digital marketing job, but you’ll always learn something new. Take on free jobs and show your eagerness towards jobs that a digital marketing professional won’t be keen to do. Those jobs might not trigger your experiences but will definitely prove you as a hard-working professional.


Last but not least, you need to get certified by a trusted organisation or an institute that offers digital marketing certificate courses as well as training. Without documentary evidence that validates your skills, it’s way too difficult to land an entry-level job, no matter how experienced or knowledgeable you are. Enroll in some best institute and get your Digital Marketing certification ASAP!

Keeping the aforesaid steps in our mind and a promise in your heart, take the first step to work with the world’s most booming technology, DIGITAL MARKETING!

There are many certification courses offered by different institutes and platforms like Google, Hubspot, Semrush but IDCM offers some lucrative digital marketing certificate courses that you might be interested to enroll in. To find out more, visit


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