8 Highly-paid Digital Marketing Jobs in 2023

How many times do you scroll through your phone in a day? It’s nearly impossible to keep a count, isn’t it? Love it or hate it, you undisputedly can’t ignore the magnetism of the wild wild web. 

Every one of us is more or less hooked to it due to some reason or the other and it’s not an unusual sight to bump into a bevy of digital advertisements. You must have seen it on your daily go-to apps, Facebook, Instagram, or even when you’re looking for something on Google. This is not a day’s work done in a jiffy! A pool of digital marketing specialists is racking their brains to get it done to reach the right audience at the right time through the right channels.

From strategizing the campaign to content creation to optimizing the content for the audience – A digital marketing team does it all. Every day is a new day for a digital marketer and they are expected to deliver high engagements and conversions for specific brands with a twist of creativity. Sounds cool enough to make a digital marketing career out of it? Let’s have a quick look at these super-cool jobs to help you decide better.

In-demand Digital Marketing Skills

Before we move on to the most highly-paying digital marketing jobs in India. It is important for you to learn these skills to get you a highly-paid job in this digital landscape. Here are some of the crucial skills to learn in Digital Marketing. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising:

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Data Analysis and Analytics

Email Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Digital Advertising

Influencer Marketing

Explore Different Digital Marketing Careers Options

There are many opportunities for digital marketing professionals. Let’s discuss in details about different digital marketing career options

Digital Account Manager

A digital account manager is the supreme POC or Point of Contact for clients who’s responsible to bridge the gap between the agencies and clients. Additionally, the person is responsible for fixing client budgets, assigning deadlines, transforming the requirements into short objectives and constantly motivating the team to achieve on-time delivery.

Average Salary: ₹850,004/annum and above (Source: Glassdoor)

Qualities required: Graduate in any discipline, Diploma or Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing course is a big plus.

Email campaign manager

As the title suggests, this role entails specialization in promoting a brand or service through email marketing campaigns. They are expected to be adept in market surveys to determine the target audience and generate leads for the business as well. They are also expected to maintain a database of the group of recipients and target the campaigns accordingly.

Average Salary: ₹590,438/annum and above (Source: Payscale)

Qualities required: Graduate in any discipline with hands-on experience in managing email marketing campaigns using the latest tools and techniques.


Any content you create for a brand will fall flat without a clear messaging. A copywriter will always take a lead in producing content for blogs, websites, social media creatives, videos, and all the other marketing collaterals you can think of. Well, the piece you’re reading right now is a product of this job role, isn’t it! You can work for a brand or as an independent blogger for multiple clients, choices are aplenty.

Average Salary: ₹ 6,00,000/annum and above (Source: Glassdoor)

Qualities required: 10+2, Graduate in any discipline with digital marketing skills to get higher rankings in search engines.

Social Media Manager 

If you have excellent communication skills, the presence of mind to handle clients, a compulsive organizer and a creative thinker, this job role is the right fit for you. Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, WhatsApp, etc. is your oyster and you need to have the right skills to leverage the marketing potential of all these platforms. You also must be able to develop PR connections and brag about recent achievements and awards and take a lead in Online Reputation Management and brand awareness.

Average Salary: ₹ 562,589/annum and above (Source: Glassdoor)

Qualities required: 10+2, Graduate in any discipline with hands-on skills in social media marketing tools

Digital Marketing Consultant

As a digital marketing consultant, you are expected to be a highly-skilled professional with extensive knowledge in all the verticals covering digital marketing. The job role includes targeting an intended audience and keeping them engaged using the company’s current business model and continuously improvise on marketing strategies that would drive engagement and sales for the brands.

Average Salary: Depends on the type of clients

Qualities required: 10+2, Graduate in any discipline with experience in working on successful digital marketing campaigns for brands.

SEO Manager

As a Search Engine Optimization or SEO manager, you will be expected for implementing the best practices to get higher rankings for your brand or clients. You should also have excellent communication and interpersonal skills for seamless client interaction and ensure their objectives are fulfilled just on time.

Average Salary: ₹ 5 Lakhs/annum and above (Source: Glassdoor)

Qualities required: 10+2, Graduate in any discipline with an advanced certification of a degree in a digital marketing course

PPC professional 

The need to run paid campaigns on digital channels have become the need of the hour for most of the brands. There has been an exponential demand for Pay-Per-Click or PPC professionals and it’s going to stay in days to come. Apart from being an analytical thinker, you need to have a keen attention to detail in certain areas including geotargeting, bidding, keyword researching, and so much more.

Average Salary: ₹ 5 Lakhs/annum and above (Source: Glassdoor)

Qualities required: 10+2, a graduate in any discipline with advanced certification in digital marketing


Gone are the days when the role of a freelancer would be frowned upon. In fact, the freelancers have higher chances to earn more than any of the job roles mentioned above. All you need to do is create a website of your own and cater to your clients independently. Maintaining a strong social media presence may also rope in more leads for you.

Average Salary: ₹ 6 Lakhs and above (Depends on the type of clients)

Qualities required: 10+2, Graduate in any discipline with advanced digital marketing skills.

Best Digital Marketing tools to master

Knowing and mastering these digital marketing tools will give you an edge over others in this competitive market.

Google Analytics

Google Ads










There are a lot of other roles we’ve missed out but we have curated those for our next blogs as we want you to stick with us. 

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