4 Things To Learn From “Digital Marketing Professional Of The Year”

World Digital Marketing Congress had recently hosted an event in Mumbai. At this event, CMO Asia & The World Federation of Digital Marketing professionals jointly awarded the noteworthy “Digital Marketing of the Year Award” 2019. 350+ Leaders from various nationalities turned up at the event.

The awardee goes by the name Kapil Jain, who is a rockstar Digital Marketer as well as the Founder and CEO of Graphitto Labs.

Much has been covered in the digital media related to this event, and we believe as aspiring Digital Marketing professionals all of you have come across the details thus far. So without going over all that again, we are going to analyze some things we learned from the “Digital Marketer of the Year”.

It is important to learn from your surroundings

Quoting Kapil’s own words from the award ceremony: “Observing, listening and learning from people around me has really helped me grow a lot in my professional life.” Indeed, a Digital Marketing professional should be pro-active. He or she must be ever ready to absorb and assimilate information from even the most unexpected quarters. As they rightly say, learning is a never-ending process.


Degrees no bar for Digital Marketing professionals

Digital Marketing may sound technical (and to some extent it is) but in reality, it is for anyone who is willing to put in the continued effort to acquire Digital Marketing skills and apply that knowledge in real life. He made it big as a Digital Marketing professional coming from a non-science academic background. Relevant degrees are important in general but in the context of their importance to nail it as a Digital Marketer, they do not matter as much as you might think.

Entrepreneurs, as well as service personnel, can make it big as a Digital Marketing professional

Do you think that successful Digital Marketing professionals are found in the nooks and crannies of ad agencies and professional Digital Marketing Firms? Think again. Entrepreneurs like Kapil Jain reached the zenith of Digital Marketing and ultimately bagged this important award. Even so, what is really fascinating is that Kapil had served with various Fortune 500 industries before he took up entrepreneurship in 2018 when he founded Graphitto Labs. So it is not difficult to see that your ability to learn something new every day, your willpower, and zeal to develop the digital skillset – these are the things that matter the most irrespective of the profession that you practice.

You will not go unnoticed as a Digital Marketing professional

Digital Marketing professionals, unlike many others, do not go unnoticed as evident by the bestowment of this, in his own words, “prestigious award”. 

World Digital Marketing Congress is a non-profit organization that has conferred this prize, which is aimed at identifying India’s young upcoming leadership and sharing the exceptional work done by them. An exhaustive list of 1,000 Digital Marketing and Business leaders was drawn up initially. This was later filtered down based on several criteria. The shortlisted names were carefully scrutinied by a Jury made up of senior professionals from all around the globe.

What is noteworthy here is that although he was the sole person to have been awarded as is the norm in such awarding systems, as much as 999 other Digital Marketing professionals were considered by the Awarding Jury. Thus it is evident that there is no dearth of exposure if you’re good at this trade and there is certainly little to worry about being unnoticed.

Are you fascinated by this story or do you want to be the next Kapil Jain? You can always take your baby steps
here if you want to become a big player in the Digital Marketing realm someday. Do connect with us in the comments section below to share your opinions. Let’s talk 😉

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